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  1. nbas99

    VZ Lower radiator support repair

    Hey guys, Currently have a repairable write off vehicle. Main damage was to the K frame (already repaired), and also the lower radiator support had also bend. I have bought a new one however part of the repair needs to be by the manufacturer workshop manual. Does anyone have these details as...
  2. Deetorious

    VS - VR Commodore Roof lining solutions

    Hey all, So I have a black commodore VS so it gets very hot inside it! It has its 2nd roof lining (and cardboard/ backing board) in it as the first one sagged and the board just cooked and turned to dust. I'm starting to see this happening in my 2nd one now as its sagged from the heat and...
  3. J

    2001 Holden Statesman WH Auto, Electrical not working, what could be the issue?

    Need help solving the issue to my 2001 Statesman. Blinkers will at times stop working (a press of the hazard switch fixes them) and flasher cam has been replaced. High beam lights come on with low beams and can only be turned off by turning on the driving lights. Horn has stopped working...
  4. Paris99

    VT-VZ Commodore/Calais Sagging Glovebox

    Gday everyone, me again. My VZ Calais glovebox is sagging and Ive tried to search up how to repair it but haven't found anything. Ive heard that this is a somewhat common issue with this generation of Commodore. If anyone could give me some advice as to how to fix the sagging, it would be much...
  5. T

    Commodore VE repair manuals

    hi everyone hope you are all doing well. I am new hear and really appreciate your help I have a commodore VE 2010 International MY9.5 3.0 V6 I trying to find a repairs or workshop manual. I am trying start working on my car on my own. I looked at buying the Haynes VE repair manual for 50...
  6. S

    VFII SV6 Bumper resprayed and paint feels rough

    Hi guys, Had my front bumper resprayed on my sv6, gave the car a wash the other day and the bumper feels rough? kind of like sandpaper. Not like the rest of the car.. is this something I should go back to the repairer for? is this normal and can it be fixed? it was a cash job and was done at a...
  7. Vu-ss-nz

    01 VU SS 5.7 Coilovers question

    Hey everyone, so I'm pretty new to Holden but I purchased my VU a few months ago, is a 2001 5.7L SS with 172,000kms. So recently I have had the power steering rack/boots replaced and a wheel alignment done. However, my left front camber is still out by nearly two degrees as I have a bent...
  8. C

    Head unit repairs

    Hey all. Ive got a kenwood head unit, bought used, with 3 rca preouts. Ive found out the sub out doesnt work. Can this be fixed? can i DIY? or where can it be repaired in Adelaide? Are head unit repairs worth the cost, or just buy another one? The unit works perfect, apart from this one fault...
  9. Wildboy

    Budget seat pad repair - Series 2 VE SV6 Driver seat.

    Gday, This is my first post on here, so please bear with me. I hope it all makes sense. Pro upholsterers may cringe, but this is the way we fixed my cactus seat pad. I recently went through a QLD transport roadside inspection station and was faulted for my drivers seat. I am a big lad...
  10. btgoodgame343

    VT Commodore Engine Rebuild

    So I basically got a new battery this morning, fixing that problem, and actually got the engine to run on 3 cylinders. I then found out that almost all the oil was on the floor. I'm not really bothered with finding out exactly what it is that's wrong and I'm going to do a complete engine...
  11. C

    Repairing And Upgrading VX Calais

    Hey all, I have been neglecting my VX and letting lots of things pile up and I need some help/advice on the best way to go about fixing these issues. The Car is Tungsten Series I VX CALAIS 2000 V6 3.8L. The list of problems as far as I can tell are: Airbag light lights up on the dash, I have...
  12. C

    VL Rust

    I know VL rust is common around the windscreen and boot seals. Wondering if anyone had any pictures to share of their rust repairs on any vl or k's and how much it cost? My entire windscreen is chewed out and now have no boot seal after taking an angle grinder to it.
  13. T

    How to fix a broken VE Commodore flip key, make friends and influence people....

    Ok so after my last thread was ruined some idiotic and frankly rude posts, I thought I would just take a punt on eBay and see what happened. As there were no helpful threads on this one I thought I would write one. How to fix your key...Short story if the blade and transponder are working...
  14. W

    Sv6 or Hsv front bar

    Hi guys I was wondering if any one has a spare white Ve sv6, ss or Hsv bumper for sale or give away? I bought a 2010 sv6 ute about two months ago but when I bought the car it had a Holden roo/nudge bar so I took it straight off but left me with two square holes in the bumper next to the...
  15. M

    VN Commodore Glovebox broken

    My glovebox locked shut and when I pulled it snapped. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have taken some photos.
  16. C


    Hey everyone, i smashed my left side mirror on my phantom Black SVZ commodore, I managed to put the mirror back on but the glass is shattered and the internals may be broken also. The outside is perfect how much and where can i get the piece of glass that goes inside the mirror, and can you...
  17. stevebutler

    I've had enough.

    Right i've had enough with this stupid VT. Can anyone think of any part of the car that could be causing the highbeams to draw small amounts of power from the passenger low beam (when the high beams are off), and only the drivers side highbeam to work (passenger low beam dimming at the same...
  18. M

    Transmission Leaks

    Yesterday was at the wrkshop and the mech had my car on hoist and noticed the leak from the transmission tray, after removing the tray found that the transmission pump is on the way of going out and also found metal in the transmission oil and told the clutch was also no good ,and told me need...
  19. tHe_sTiG

    Psychopath vandalised my car

    Hi there guys, Some psychopath left several fierce scratches all over my VZ. Here are some of them. Any way of getting rid of those scratches? No car detailers where I'm living, could really benefit from instructions on how to fix them. Twitpic - Share photos and videos on Twitter Twitpic...
  20. N

    Rim Repair - VZ Clubsport (sout east melbourne)

    hey guys, previous owner of my hsv vz clubsport stuffed one of the rims real bad. no cracks, just a light scuff the whole way around the rim [email protected] anyone know of a good place in melbourne ( south east ) to get a rim repair ? **got a quote today from some place near dandy & quoted $250...
  21. D

    VR Mirror repair

    Hey guys, I got up this morning to find my driver side mirror hanging from its wire cables. luckily after what ever happened the glass has remained intact. So i have pulled the whole mirror assembly of the side of the car and am now trying to reconnect the mirror to its other half. as far...
  22. 0

    05 VZ Exec -Rear Left Quarter Panel (Mornington Peninsula - Bendigo)

    http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs452.ash2/72531_1684210071831_1435012503_31723287_3308801_n.jpg was just wondering if anyone has some advice for the repairs on this, dunno if i would need to replace the whole panel or if the rust can just be removed and then repaired. and the...
  23. heggsy

    possible to repair bent chassis??

    hey guys.. i had an accident in my vp a couple of months ago.. ithe chassis is now bent where the control arm joins to the chassis.. is it possible to repair it? any help will be greatly appreciated cheers
  24. C

    My odometer does not work..

    :wax: HI i own a VN station wagon and have noticed the odometer is not working.. can some one help ?? :bang:
  25. J

    leaking fluid

    I've just recently bought a VT S, and have noticed some fluid leaking from under the car. I don't know much at all about cars and I'm not going to pretend to. This is the first car I've owned, so hoping someone could help me out. The fluid seems to be odourless and pretty much just like water...
  26. Peter89

    After the repairs :S

    A few months back i clipped a parked car cuz of a truck. the problem was the front left wheel got caught (probably cuz of large rims and tyres) and it destroyed the front LHS suspension/steering. It got all repaired for $680, so not too bad. however, driving the car now feels like ****...
  27. whitey5759

    Recommened repair/paint shop in Melbourne Ringwood area

    G'day! For startes I'm a VERY fussy VZ Calais owner. I've had repairs done on cars before and have never been happy. I've gone to supposedly good places, and had jobs done where the colour is a shade or so off, or the sheen level doesn't match, and it **** me no end! So I have a chip on the...
  28. M


    just wondering how much fixing a decent size crack in the rear back, sorry for the **** discription, the holes about the size of a baseball cheers
  29. Full Spectrum

    My New VT II Berlina V6

    VT II Berlina V6 my new car. It's a 2000 build VT Series 2 Berlina V6 Auto.. With 147,000km.. It's stock all over but it has 16" VT Calais rims.. Amazon Blue. Purchase price $3,300. It's currently in a Repair shop having the front repaired, I bought it as a repairable write off it's very well...