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  1. Fili

    Front fascia buttons repair or replacement on 09 Ve sv6

    I've been trying to find out how to go about repairing my front fascia buttons . I tried to do it myself ended up stuffing the buttons on it cause my aircon button wasn't working. Went to get a different fascia from wreckers and they said I'd have to change the whole thing.no idea where to start...
  2. B

    Buying Recommendation.

    G'day people of JustCommodores. I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 VZ Auto Executive Commodore, it is rather cheap and has some nice bodywork done to it. It is priced at $3500 (negotiable), and only has 97,000 kms. I was unable to determine the low price, and when questioned on the issues of...
  3. Brayden Dewie

    Heavy engine repair or swap it out? L98

    Hey guys, I have a Series 2 VE L98, and since about 85 000km it has had what sounds like a slight lazy tapping on the drivers bank. After talking to some half intelligent people at the time, I was pretty confident the issue was with a valve stem seal, but I didn’t have the money to investigate...
  4. J


    today i had a close call with a pedestrian that caused me to swerve onto the median strip and take out a "keep left" sign, it has destroyed my front bumper, pushed back a wish bone behind it, bent my radiator (and a/c panel in front of it) busted (suspected) transmission hose, suspected sump...
  5. C

    Head unit repairs

    Hey all. Ive got a kenwood head unit, bought used, with 3 rca preouts. Ive found out the sub out doesnt work. Can this be fixed? can i DIY? or where can it be repaired in Adelaide? Are head unit repairs worth the cost, or just buy another one? The unit works perfect, apart from this one fault...
  6. B

    VZ wagon randomly losing power, then fuel leak minute after ignition stop

    Hi, I'm hoping someone has some idea what's going on with my car. I'd really appreciate if anyone can help to figure out what's wrong with my car, so thanks in advance for any info you can provide. I don't know enough to do much to fix or diagnose this myself, but hoping someone can help me...
  7. S

    Vp front passenger side brake line

    Was grinding out the swaybar link pin when we accidentally hit the metal brake line was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to fix it?
  8. C

    VX SS Clutch poped and dropped

    Hello all, I have a question for anyone who thinks they know. I was taking off from a set of lights and my clutch seemed to just pop. I could push the pedal but there was no pedal pressure and the clutch wouldn't engage, it was just dead, it seemed like something had snapped but I don't...
  9. NickVR

    Getting rims fixed

    My sister bought some second hand wheels and they have some gutter rash on them and need to be fixed. One is bent slightly, but ok otherwise. Does anyone know someone that can fix them at a good price? Been quoted $100-$150 per wheel. She only paid $250 for them. Places in SA. Already went to...
  10. M

    Fixing electric sunroof ?

    Hey everyone, just wondering where ( if i can ) buy some parts for my electric sunroof in my vk calais, the switch works, but the sunroof doesn't go backwards or forwards, it used too about 6 months ago, but now it has stopped ( just grinds and crunches ) Otherwise does anyone make any...