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  1. J

    VS Headlight Problem

    So I tried to get help in here but no one replied so I went ahead and attempted to remove the hid headlight kit that was installed in the car I bought and I put in some halogen bulbs. The reason I did this is everything blew slowly one by one and I found out that the lights didnt come with the...
  2. C

    HELP!! How to Replace soild fuel lines.

    Hey guys, I would really appreciate any advice as I think I am (know I am) in over my head...,our VY started smelling of fumes recently so I replaced the fuel cap, checked the breather hoses etc but no luck. It was slight but progressively got quite strong so I refused to let my wife...
  3. Z

    Removing and installing exterior window trim (bottom on the glass x2 and big piece)?

    Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out with the process of removing black window trim to replace with chrome? I already have the genuine parts with clips supplied. Is it just a matter of remove 1 x screw near front mirror and unclip then install new one? No adhesive? for top...
  4. C

    Rocker Cover Gasket

    Hi all, first post on the forums, looking for some help. I cant find anything related to it on these forums. I'm looking at replacing my rocker cover gaskets on my 06 Omega, the passenger side is leaking oil onto (I think) the exhaust manifold, causing a huge amount of steam/smoke pouring out...
  5. M

    Vs Front end fittings

    Hey i was just wondering if it was possible to fit a Statesmens WH front end on my VS s 96, i hit a kangaroo and its not bad or anything, just the hood cant close correctly and my old man has the WH in the back yard for parts so would ot be possible
  6. H

    [VE] Changing/accessing tail light assembly on Sportwagon

    Thought I'd do a video to remove some of the guesswork. Enjoy... <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_uVDPPzrHzs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. J

    Replacing Standard Blaupunkt Headunit

    Looking to replace me headunit, wanting to get a full touchscreen installed instead of the standard head unit. Wanted to know if anybody has done this and what size screen they got.
  8. G

    [VE] How to replace HVAC Module - VE Commodore

    I made this account just to post this guide as I had a bit of trouble finding one, but as I got into it, it seemed actually pretty simple! So a bit of back story: Around Christmas time, I installed a Bluetooth module into the Commodore on my own and was pretty pumped :boxing:. Probably 3...
  9. M

    looking for some VS IRS rear shock replacement advice :D

    Hiya, I'm looking at replacing the rear shocks on my VS irs commy this weekend and i was just wondering if anyone out there has got any handy tips to share regarding anything else that may be easy to replace, or need to be replaced while im back there? Control arm bushes, etc? (So i can...
  10. S

    Remove & Replace Catalytic Converters in 04 VY Exec series 2. Help Please!

    Hey Guys, Newbie here and I need as much help as I can get if you would be so kind! My cat converters need replacing. I havent an idea where to start and what equipment I'll need. Can anyone tell me what I will need? Do I need to replace 02 sensors or just clean them? What size cats should...
  11. H

    urgent help ! vy park lights

    hello , might sound like a bit of a stupid question, i need to replace my front park lights , ive searched the FAQ and couldn't find anything .... i think the park lights are attached to that black stalk ? how to i gain access to them ?
  12. M

    Windscreen Washer Vy

    I was going thru this informative website in regards to replace my windscreen water pump motor, but couldnt find a write up or any information, I checked on ebay , like the moter is for $20 but when i looked in my engine bay i couldnt fine the washer motor , Any idea where is it located...
  13. VjamesY

    Replacing VY doors

    Ok Im replacing some of my doors and I just had a few question: -How exactly do you remove the door hinge pins? I kind of understand how to do it but just looking for some extra tips. -How should I go about inserting my original door lock/handle in the new replacement? with this Ive for...
  14. D

    Replacing back window (VR wagon -95)

    Some friendly gentmeman broke my back window (tail gate window :) while I was at work. I bought a second hand window from wreckers, windscreen sealant and methylated spirits for cleaning the glass surface. What else do I need? Do I need to get a new rubber seal aswell? Old one seems to be fine...
  15. JSTCOZ

    Remove windscreen washer nozzles?

    Hey guys, Just wondering how one would remove the windscreen washer nozzles on the front of the bonnet of the car? Got some new chrome ones to put on, instructions tell me how to connect them, but the first step is 'remove old nozzle', and i don't know how. :hmmm: cheers
  16. D

    VX V6 Series 2 Supercharged Alternator/Generator - Same as normal VX V6?

    Hi just wondering if the generator for a VX V6 would be ok for my supercharged VX V6? I called repco, he said there were two different types (supercharged being like $20-$30 more) I asked him what the difference was and he said he didn't know and it didn't tell him? He suggested maybe the...
  17. F

    [VR-VS] How to change power window switch lights

    I'm intenting to change most of the illumination in my car to blue, rather than the ugly holden green, and given that one of my power window switch lights was out, i decided it was a good place to start. Cheers to Hozy for suggesting using 3mm LED's, they worked a treat. Also, before we begin...
  18. E

    VX Series II Stock Front Speakers!

    Hey guys, i was just wondering what the size of the stock speakers in the front doors of the Series 2 VX Exec's are. Are the 6" or 6.5"? I have been given some decent pioneer 6" speakers and if there the same size i can just swap them straight with the stock ones yeah? Thanks
  19. F

    Replace VS Boot Lion with "HOLDEN"...?

    Had a thought the other day while debadging my car, something to make it unique. Replacing the boot lion with the "Holden" badge... Did a few quick photoshops.. Opinions? Also, is there a hole under the boot badge on a VS? Can't remember who i pinched the base pic off, but there's no rego...