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  1. T

    Drive Shaft Center Constant Velocity Bearing/ Rubber replacement Short Life Why?

    My original Bearing and rubber lasted perhaps 150000 plus km. VS series 2 , 6 cylinder , auto , live / beam rear axle Had the mechanic replace it and all OK for a few thousand Kilometres. Then failed and fixed under warranty. Now the second replacement is failing. I can hear that the tail shaft...
  2. J

    Issue, looking for o-Ring size for high pressure power steering hose connection to pump, VT V6

    I’m replacing my power steering pump this arvo and I have no ide what size O-ring you are supposed to install when replacing the old one, it’s the O-ring that sits on the high pressure hose connection to the power steering pump, thanks, I have a VT V6 series 2 executive
  3. 2006VERallySport

    Replacing radio fascia woes.

    hello, everyone and happy new year. My factory blaupunkt stereo sounds ok, but the temperature and air conditioning knobs don't work. I can regulate the fan speed, but the temp control is stuck on hot, which makes it uncomfortable on these summer days. For Christmas, my son bought me a new facia...
  4. N

    New throttle body

    I need to replace my throttle body on my 06 Calais and I was just wondering would I need to get it tuned after I change it? I'm thinking of going to the wreckers and getting one from an old VZ would that make any difference from buying a brand new one?
  5. DeathSammich

    VT running rich after service

    My series 1 VT was running rich for a while using 15L per 100 so I changed the o2 sensors to Brand new ones and it's still using 15L per 100. I'm not sure what to do. It has 280xxxKms on it and I've ordered a coolant temp sensor and also have a fuel injector service kit ready to go. What else...
  6. T

    Retro fit folding back seat, Omega?

    Hi, First time poster here. Just wondering if anyone has done this before or if it's possible but I'd really like the back seat of my 06 Omega to fold down, not just the middle. I need the space! Does anyone know if it's possible to get a back seat that has a bigger folding split, or if it's...
  7. D

    [General] How to replace Trailer Bearings

    A few mates and I made this in-depth video on how to diagnose and replace trailer bearings. We will be making more videos in the future so please leave a comment suggesting what you want us to do.
  8. N

    VX SS Radiator replacement suggestions

    Hello, my radiator has kicked the bucket due to a dumbass mechanic using tap water when he refilled the radiator (had to replace the crank balancer pulley), so now I'm in the market for a new radiator. I've considered Mishimoto radiator but I've heard people saying that the fans won't be...
  9. M

    Vs Front end fittings

    Hey i was just wondering if it was possible to fit a Statesmens WH front end on my VS s 96, i hit a kangaroo and its not bad or anything, just the hood cant close correctly and my old man has the WH in the back yard for parts so would ot be possible
  10. B

    VZ 2005 engine replacement, what else to do while engine out

    G'Day, Planning for a V6 engine replacement in our 2005 Acclaim Wagon. The car is stock from the showroom floor with some HSV extras (not engine related). While we are saving $$ for a mechanic to do the job, I would like to create a checklist of items to be done while engine is out. We...
  11. S

    VE ute tail gate liner replacement

    Hey guys, I need to replace the plastic liner on the tail gate of my ute as it is unrepairable and I was wondering it it would be an easy trip to a scrapyard or would I need to replace the entire tail gate? Cheers in advance! Matt
  12. Spudrageous

    VZ ute fuel pump replacement

    Does anyone know if you can get to the fuel pump assembly on a VZ ute through the tray floor or do you have to drop the tank? Also the workshop guide says you basically have to pull half the car apart to drop the tank! Is this true or is there an easier way? Thanks
  13. S

    VZ v6 engine mounts replacement

    My 2004 engine mounts need replacing but the mechanic at utlra tune said it would cost $350 labour to fix. I bought some new mounts from supercheap for $127 but was wondering what needs to be done to replace them yourself? And is it as hard to do as the vs v6?
  14. J

    New Bonnet???

    Hey all, I have a 94 Vr Commodore Executive and need a new bonnet for it. Paints flaking away and some nice stone chips appearing. Anyone know where i can get a replacement with a BO95 (Torquay Metalic Blue ) Paint job. Cheers
  15. C

    wagon rear bar help

    hi everyone.. just a quick question... would a vz stock standard rear bar, fit on a vy series 1 wagon as a replacement, as some inconsiderate idiot decided they didnt know how to park in my work place car park and left me with a lovely/dint scratch on mine, and there is one on ebay that im...
  16. D

    Can I fit a VR [IRS] Fuel Tank into a VP [Non-IRS], is this do-able?

    Hi there, I have a VP Executive V6 and under the car the Fuel Tank is munted, previous owner must have backed over a tree stump or something as its all pushed it... runs fine though the car that is.. I have a VR Calais V6 that has IRS and the tank is mint on it, are these tanks the same? Can i...
  17. VZ57SSZ

    VS Walbro GSS-342 550HP fuel pump, yes or no?

    Hey guys My fuel pump went and I want to replace it with something reliable So I can get a Walbro GSS-342 550HP 255LPH for $132 or should I just buy the stranded replacement pump? I also wanted to know is it reliable has anyone got one and would it be suitable for me as the only mods I...

    replacement vn ute fuel tank

    does anyone know of anywhere you can get a replacement fuel tank without having to get a fabricater to make one or anywhere i can get a good or reconditioned 2nd hand one? all the pipe connections on mine are cracked and my ute tends to get a bad fuel smell HHEELLP!!! :flame: =BOOOOM!!!!