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  1. D

    MY15 SV6 STORM brake fluid reservoir

    G'day all Potential NOOB question here. I did a quick inspection on the brake fluid reservoir and (to me) the fluid is just about sat in the min marker. Brakes have felt spongy/more play than usual (hence the inspection) Now, opening the cap, the fluid is sat quite high in the top, which is...
  2. N

    Aeroflow Coolant & Steering fluid tank issues

    Has anyone installed the Aeroflow Radiator overflow tank and/or power steering reservoir to their Series 1 LS1 VY? The plastic bottles on my car are pretty aged and looking pretty rough and I'm keen to replace them with the much nicer black finish aeroflow options...
  3. I

    VL vacuum reservoir

    hey im new here so this has probably been answered before but ill ask anyway. on the right hand side of my vl commodore behind the front bumper there is a ball with a chord atatched just hanging down the clips that held it somewhere are broken. ive done some research and found its the vacuum...
  4. B

    Reservoir in VS commodore

    Hi could anyone tell me what the reservoir (a small ball shapped one) on the passenger side just in front of the front wheel is for?