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  1. S

    VFII SV6 Bumper resprayed and paint feels rough

    Hi guys, Had my front bumper resprayed on my sv6, gave the car a wash the other day and the bumper feels rough? kind of like sandpaper. Not like the rest of the car.. is this something I should go back to the repairer for? is this normal and can it be fixed? it was a cash job and was done at a...
  2. dashdown98


    My VP Ute is getting a complete respray and I need some mudflaps to protect the paintwork. I'm having trouble finding some decent ones, anyone know where I can get some?
  3. CJAff

    Spray Painting and Panel Work in the Illawarra?

    Does anyone know anywhere in the Illawarra (lets say between Thirroul & Kiama) that do resprays? All I'm looking to get done, is front & rear HBD bumper lips painted, and preferably fitted.
  4. CJAff

    How do you attach a HBD body/lip kit?

    I've found on eBay a set of front & rear HBD bumper lips, and some side skirts, for an amount of money I'm willing to spend. But I want to know how easy it is to attach them to the car. Do I have to replace part of the bumper, or do the HBD lips just bolt on somewhere? Could anyone provide a...
  5. whitey5759

    [VIC] Top shelf spray painter for my VE SS

    G'day I'm looking for recommendations of spray painters to respray my silver VE SS' front and rear bars. I'm after a top shelf job which matches the rest of the car in colour and sheen level. I live out Croydon/Lilydale way but would be prepared to travel for the right shop. Anybody able to...
  6. K


    Hey guys n gals was just wondering if any one knows of any cheap places in the northern suburbs of melbourne for resprays...i know ya get what ya pay for with paint but since im out of a job need something to make the vp look like any thing other then a eyesore...only reason needing a respray...
  7. moocow

    respraying vs berlina alloys?

    my vs berlina has stock alloys and I'm seriously tempted to respray them black. just wondering what your opinions are and how exactly I would go about doing this? if anyone has done this some pics and or tips would be fantastic =)
  8. N

    Colour choices

    Ok so I'm getting an ss bodykit for my series II acclaim and am stuck on whether to just paint the kit the original colour which is kind of a metalic orangy colour(not to sure of the actual name) or get a full respray in a different colour. I was thinking a black, red or poison ivy green.
  9. DontBeShy

    Painting My VR COMMODORE ?

    hey want to paint my vr commodore was thinking of matte black just needed to no a few things for instance what paint i should use and any other tips i may need so if you dont mind give me you input:idea3:
  10. T

    Respray Question, can i do anything to save on labour?

    hi guys, I own a VT 04, Series 2, Costmo, V6. Pretty much I think the previous owner drove behind a truck, and there are alot of little chips on the bonette, front quarter panels and the front bumper bars. I can live with it, but I really want it looking awesome with the rest of the car...
  11. tysonVL

    How to spray VL bumpers?

    Hey Guys, So I just bought a VL commodore, it's my first car, and i was wondering what's the easiest way of respraying the bumpers seeing they look like ****. keep in mind that it's my first car and I REALLY don't want to fork out for a proper respray done at a shop. thanks
  12. V


    Hey guys, Having an 01 exec, i hate seeing all the little scratches over my car. Dont really want to fork out all the money for a respray :cry: Is there anything that anyone can recommend for a quick fix of this problem. Really want to stay away from a respray, but if it comes to it, how...
  13. K

    VS bumper bonnet re-spray?

    Hi all i recently got backed into and the bonnet and bumper got a bit messed. what is the best plan of attack with this, new gards are $310 for bumper and $600 for bonnet (owch!!!) thats without painting! got a quote of 1800 os so and nearly choked as the cars only gotta be worth 5k, I can't...
  14. J

    respray question

    Hey i have a vs with a very dark green (virtually black ) paint its an arcrylic paint and was told by a spray painter that he would only do a 2pak respray on the car if it was taken back to bare metal ( something about arcrylic paint moving around and showing through the new paint).... what i...