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  1. Jojokingxd

    Bee*r rev limiter ecu wires

    Hey guys. Ive been reading through these forums for the last few months and they have been so helpful. Ive tried to look around and see if anyones posted a diagram before but ive had no luck. Anyways I have a 96 vs executive. I have all the ecu pinout diagrams. But the instructions that...
  2. C

    VY check engine light flashing

    Hey everyone, A few days ago my check engine light started flashing after reving over 1500rpm, i thought it was the air intake pipe but after changing that it still happens... Also, when on the highway yesterday the temperature guage was normal then went to cold and back to normal every time...
  3. V

    vp starts but wont rev

    i recently bought a vp v6 wagon and was told the only thing it needed to run was a fuel pump and ignition switch. i replaced both of those and the car starts but, the first few times it starts, it will only run for about 30 seconds then stall. after that, it could run anywhere between 5mins -...