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  1. monstar

    VE SS -/+ 10 years

    Drive has done a review of the VE SS as a second hand vehicle buy, let them know if you agree.
  2. I

    VE Angel Eye help

    I was looking at buying some angel eye headlights fully assembled, from spectrum angel eyes. [Complete Headlights] - Holden VE Series 1 Spectrum Angel Eyes - Spectrum Angel Eyes I have been hearing that headlights with angel eyes installed have leaking issues, i was wondering if anyone has...
  3. alltorque

    VS Calais BERKLEE exhaust any good?? need reviews ASAP!

    im getting berklee exhaust system tomorrow (from catback, straight 2.5" no resonator) mixed reviews from different exhaust installer shops but could just be to gain business so need to know if anyone has had any problems or heard anything bad about them. any response awesome , cheers