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  1. G

    VY Berlina V6 Rev and idle rough

    Back again. The car is idling rough and revving rough. VY Berlina series 2, V6 Auto, petrol When stationary in Drive, it idles at about 1500-2000rpm and essentially takes off on its own, even on small slopes. When in Park, it idles at 2000-2500rpm. Revs don’t drop much when slowing down...
  2. Holden vz

    Ve Berlina Rpms Problems

    Hey guys need help with me 2007 ve Berlina When i start the car after its been sitting the rpms fluctuate from 1k to about 1.3k 1.4k but when i rev it a little it idles normal ive cleaned the throttle body but it still happens when its cold Any suggestions guy, cheers
  3. Mattde

    VX Ticking and Creaking...

    So i know this has been posted many times before but i still have no conclusion to these issues. Engine ticks under acceleration, most obvious when about 1.5-2 Revs. Ticking increases/ decreases in speed consistently with how many Revs the engine is doing. Had a service and new oil etc...
  4. D

    Vt ss revs

    Hey this is probly askd heaps but is 100kph at 2000rm pritty good? And also if i hold the revs at 3000-3500 rpm for a trip will this damage my engine at all? Cheers Dee Jay :hmmm:
  5. southaussie

    High idle after long drive

    Hi peeps, Took my baby for a drive to Renmark and on the way home I noticed that at 110kph I took my foot off the acc. and it was like I had cruise control. (which I don't) So I knocked it into neutral as I was free of traffic and the rpm was sitting at 2000-3000. I pulled over and after a...
  6. R


    Hi all. Ive spent a fortune on BMWs of all kinds new n old and ive had enough so ive decided to go for a good ol Aussie Holden....im unsure what im going to buy but looking at the commodore or a statesman and i just have a simple question to ask. when traveling 110km what does a holden V8...
  7. nzBrowny

    VX S manual - slow to drop revs

    Gudday New to the site, i have a 2002 VX S pack manual just turned over 150000kms for some reason though, the engine holds its revs in between gears for a short time before dropping. On an early gear change they will even rise to about 2500 before coming down. Doesnt seem to do it on down...
  8. V

    adjusting revs and special mode on the cluster

    hey i was wondering if anyone knew how to adjust the idle revs because my car is idleing way to low and is really rough also i was wondering how to get the different mode on the cluster because my mate has a VT 99' and he can make his cluster show different stats like digital speed and...
  9. T

    Taco help

    my revs are flickering up n down for some reason now, the actual car revs are normal just the pin on the taco is jumping around and idea's what the problem is?
  10. J

    vn tacho wiring problem

    ok so i had my tacho wired up all sweet and was workin fine on my vn v6 s1 (i was running the tach signal from the brown wire near p/s strut tower) then i put a s2 coil pack on it and it stoped working ..it still has power and everything jus not gettin tach signal so i took the tacho out and...
  11. owen18

    Revs dropping and Engine Shaking

    Hey guys Just recently i have noticed my VL will drop in revs to about 500 (not sure if thats normal or not) and the engine shakes a lil bit. I can also hear what i think is the revs dropping in and out through the exhaust, but the rev meter stays on 500 revs. Anyone have any idea. I...
  12. stockyvrcalais

    VR V6 strange idle

    Hi all, been a long time reader but this is my first post, have an issue with my VR V6 calais, when on idle it sometimes idles high, sometomes low, when i turn on the a/c the idle goes up to around 1800 rpm, when i take it out of gear (auto) instead of revs rising slightly, they drop! I have...