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  1. White_VY

    Herron VY Series II Spac Ute

    Current mods: -Lowered (SL front SSL in rear) -White VE Calais series 2 rims -Hard lid -LED lights in tub/ full tub install -Footwell lights (removed) -Sound System 1x inside 1x in tub -15% Tint -Re-upholstered doors -Full custom dash -Custom 3inch cat back exhaust -Painted engine bay -HID's...
  2. V

    My Ride: VY Series II Exec

    Name: Cam Car: VY Series 2 Executive 2004 Colour: Quicksilver Engine: 3.8L Ecotec Auto. Intake: 2 Hole Airbox mod, cry if you will but the growl sounds quite decent. Exhaust: Stock headers (Not for long), Redback 2 1/2 inch catback, Twin Pipes. Wheels: 18" VE SV6 Alloys...
  3. StealthX

    VX Clubby Auto Trans Issues

    Hey everyone! Long time no post! Hope i can get a few thoughts on whats going on here. Something funny is going on in my auto transmission, car is a 2001 HSV VX Clubsport, and when it changes gears it seems like it is.. "riding the clutch" sorry best explenation i can give. normally it drops...