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  1. O

    Wheel size differences

    Hey i have recently switched from a 4x4 to a VT and i just wanna know what the actual difference is between the 17" / 18 / 19 / 20 rims And whats the best brands for rims and tyres
  2. J

    18 inch rims on VE SSV

    Hi, I recently bought an ssv and am wanting to get new wheels. Currently sitting on 20's but want to go 18s. Anyone else running 18's? And what width and offset would fill the guards best? I'm thinking something like 18x10 +40 offset should fit but anyone know for sure? Also, the car is lowered...
  3. Vonix

    Vz calais rims

    So i know this topic has a few threads already, but i couldn't seem to find anything regarding white vz calais? the attached photo is a white vz with the stock rims, what rims would best suit (Looking for larger rims otherwise i would of restored the stock ones), would 19" ssv look nice? Photos...
  4. W

    22" on vy

    Anyone has any dramas with 22" on there vy calais
  5. Chopper3018

    Do I Have genuine Vz HSV Rims ?

    hey all just I cannot find any info on my rims I've been told that they are vz r8 Maloo rims but I can not find a single car with them on it, can some tell me if I actually have vz hsv rims? let me know if you can't see the attached image

    Restore VY SS Alloy Rims to Original

    Hi, I am restoring my alloy rims back to original (Without Painting) and wondering if anyone can suggest a technique to make rim look original after sanding fine scratches. I am looking for the satin alloy colour.
  7. D

    VE V6 Parts - Not Used

    LOCATION: WA Perth DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up preferable or delivery for a nominal cost PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash Preferable CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] or 0426181122 OTHER INFO: So i spent a good 5k on parts and before i got to put most of them on i was t-boned...
  8. S

    VZ Crewman rim change

    I’ve had my red ‘05 crewman for about 12 months now... wondering if anyone with the same ute has changed rims and what they put on. Black, alloy, VE or VF ect. Any ideas what will look good? Cheers
  9. RiffRaffMama

    Wheel rims for roadworthy

    I’m taking my car in tomorrow to have the roadworthy signed off but one thing they told me I had to do was get one new front tyre. The easiest way for me to go about this is to switch both my front wheels out for a set I’ve got here off a different VX, but they’re stock rims and I currently have...
  10. R

    New Rims For the VZ(Help Needed)

    Hi Guys, I own a 2004 vz calais and have been running stockies for two years, i am looking for a new set of rims for the ride and have my eye on the 20" supersports and the 19" ssv's I require some assistance with the selection as i really want to run supersports but by the sounds of things...
  11. A

    Rim Respray

    Hey everyone. I'm gonna be getting my rims resprayed to black over the christmas holidays, and was wondering if anyone has had their rims powder coated, and whether its better than paint.
  12. Kunu

    [ACT] HSV 19" rims (black)

    ITEM: Up for sale i have 4x 19" black HSV rims in pretty much perfect condition. Tried to load pic but failed, just ask and ill send 1 over...cheers!! LOCATION: ACT CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1600 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer...
  13. J

    BMW X5 rims on a VZ

    Will BMW X5 wheels fit straight onto my vz wagon with low profile tyres on them or will there be issues with hub size becuase I know the stud pattern is the same
  14. C

    BMW X5 Rims on ute?

    Hey guys, Found a set of BMW X5 rims cheap in my area and wondering what i have to do to make them fit? Some people say they're fine, just need a roll and hub rings but others say that i'll need extended studs and 6mm slip on spacer on the front (which i don't want to do). Want to know...
  15. J

    VT Acclaim series 2, 19x8 enix hornets Running 245/35/19 tyres Strut Rubbing

    I own a 2000 Vt commy, Iv had to swap out my rims for rego back to my stockies, After removing my 19 enix hornets I noticed some Rubbing on the Strut, But when driving the car I haven't heard it scraping, Not to sure about the offset of the wheel. Is this normal ? Should I get a...
  16. K

    VF SV6 Storm Stock Rims: Painting them Matte Black?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has gone ahead and painted their stock VF Storm edition rims matte black? and if so how do they look? Photos are good! Cheers guys
  17. L

    17 inch wheels for VE CalaisV 2010

    Any advice tips or knowledge would be choice. I bought on gumtree 16inch wheels from an Omega VE which the seller reassured me would fit my car. So under the impression it would be sweet on my MY10 VE CalaisV I brought them home and tried to fit them on that evening only to stupidly find out...
  18. adam sv6

    Steering wobble

    Ill give you guys the symptoms and conditions and please help me determine what's going on here... Two sets of tyres, new rotors and pads changed last year, front passenger wheel is always wearing waaaay too quick, braking between 70 and above cause the steering wheel to wobble. Wobbling...
  19. S

    Guess the rims!

    G'day guys, Just bought my first VZ today. A straight dark blue wagon for a bit of a steal if I'm honest with these Holden rims on it. Thing is though, I have no idea exactly WHAT rims they are (if they're off an SS of another model?), and the bloke I bought it off couldn't tell me either...
  20. SnowDoggyDogg

    [QLD] QLD: SOLD...4 x VE Series 2 SSV 19" rims for sale

    ITEM: 4 x 19" VE Series 2 SSV rims without rubber. All in very good condition except for one that has a 10 cm gutter rash on the lip. Was told it is a $125 job to return to glory so this has been factored into price. Added pics brlow of the lot and a few close ups of the odd man out...
  21. K

    VF MY15 SV6 Storm Sportswagon

    Hi all, About to place an order for a White VF Storm wagon with a few accessories including the design pack 2. I wanted the black SS rims but quoted $3k so thought i'd skip that. Has anyone on here painted their VF SV6 rims black or plastidipped? I'd like to see a final result. Probably a...
  22. M

    [NSW] Wtd: Ve hsv supersport 20 inch wheels.

  23. L

    Help: What are these off?

    Got 4 of these holden rims, gmh part number 9201781 any idea what there off?
  24. Mattde

    [NSW] 17" BSA Rims w/2x New tyres (pre-VE)

    ITEM DESCRIPTION: 17" BSA RIms to suit Pre-VE Commodore. (Came off a VZ) Might also suit some BMW models. Silver in colour with Chrome lip. Centre caps included, Bolts not included. Wheels are in fully funtional condition besides aesthetic wear. Balanced and ready to be used! Two tyres are...
  25. Mattde

    Wheel Refurbishing. Spray, Powder Coat or Chrome?

    So I just picked up a set of 19" Rims on the weekend for a killer price and they are in a little need of refurbishing. Originally the rims were painted silver it seems & thoughts where polish off some of the black marks on them. As i continued to polish they turned more black and it turns...
  26. X

    [VIC] WTB: PDW HB-R 18" Rim

    DESCRIPTION: Want to buy ITEM: PDW HB-R 18*8 Rim LOCATION: Bendigo, Victoria CONDITION: New/used, I don't mind. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Happy to pay for shipping if the price is right, and if around Melbourne area would possibly travel PAYMENT OPTIONS: Bank Transfer...
  27. Mattde

    [NSW] WTB/ TRADE VZ Wheels/Tyres 19" or 20"

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/ Wanted to Buy / Trade ITEM: Some new(ish) 19's or 20's for my VZ. Wheels WITH tyres would be ideal but depending on price I could settle for just Wheels. Happy to trade my current BSA 17"s + Cash or whatever works. Just got two new front tyres ($200/tyre) put on them...
  28. F

    Need an appraisal guys!

    Hi, long time forum reader here and a proud owner of a Commodore! :yeah: I'm in need of help trying to see how much my rims cost. Ok here are the details... 18" Mangels Rims with 80% tread left all around. I did a little researching because I've never heard of the brand before and It's...

    Bare Alloy rim clean B4 paint. Prepsol or Thinners

    I am about to paint my bare metal alloy rims with a primer/build. What is best to clean rim before paint? Wax and Grease remover or Thinners? Thankyou in advance
  30. O

    VE Calais Lowered, 20" Rims

    I am looking at putting 20" rims on my VE Calais! if i were to also put SSL springs on it does anyone know how much room ill have between my wheels and guards? send photos if you have any!

    Acceptable Rim Run Out for 18" copy VY SS rims

    I have two non genuine 18" VY SS rims that have a couple of flats spots where the tyres mount up (less than 4mm) Is this acceptable? My other two rims which are genuine are near on perfect. Thankyou in advance
  32. L

    Steering wheel controls

    Hey guys. I have the original stereo and i would like to up guard, possibly to a stereo/gps.. Will most of them work with the original buttons in the steering wheel? Recommendations on good units? And where can i find a tray for the back of 2003 commodore ute? Oh and best place to buy rims?
  33. S

    Ideas needed! - Chrome wheels and their issues

    Rightio so, I bought a set of ANZ Matrix wheels for my VS Ute. They had been painted black by can and I was told that they were all chrome underneath still - no sanding. Obviously it was a crappy job especially with a can and it started scratching paint off just leaning them on each other. I...

    VY SS rims. Factory or Fakes. Offset help

    I just bought 4 x 18" x 8" rims that look like VY SS rims. 2 have about a 163mm back space and a part number, 92108750 (SFI 690kg) The other 2 have a 155mm back space and cast on the back is a ZNL.. D349 (SFI 690kg) What is the difference between theese rims please? I am putting...

    Factory Alloy Rims Coatings

    What are the factory alloy rims (silver in colour) coated with please? Paint, powered coating, anodized, etc Thankyou
  36. boordy_23

    [SA] Genuine 20inch BBOSS Eleanor Rims and Tyres

    ITEM: A set of genuine BBOSS Eleanor Rims and Tyres (225/35ZR20 - 93W) to suit VT, VY and possibly VZ. LOCATION: SA - Eastern Suburbs CONDITION: Used - all wheels have some gutter rash, it has been partially repaired, one is worse than the others. The actual face of all rims is perfect...
  37. lifel355

    Vy signature rims

    Hey commodore lovers, I am off to look at a set of vy signature rims on the weekend. Is there a clear way of telling a fake from genuine?
  38. V

    What rims should i buy for my Silver VY S S2

    Hi guys im getting my car lowered and pulling of the spoiler im just wondering what kind of rims/color would look good with my silver vy, (have to be 20's )
  39. D

    thoughts on DIY gloss black spray painted rims?

    Thinking of spray painting my stock sv6 rims gloss black, and was curious to anyone elses thoughts? and any tips thanks:)
  40. R

    VE SV6 Series 1 Rims Plasti Dipped.

    Hey guys, Just a quick question has anyone with a Series 1 SV6 plasti dipped their rims black?? thinking of doing it as its fairly cheap. also the body colour is voodoo blue :) just wanting to see some pictures to get a good idea of what it would look like.. Thanks.