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rip off

  1. Cameron Leary

    Am I being ripped off ?!

    So I had my newly purchased vx commodore serviced on monday, they done the basic stuff for 170$ oil changes & all that. I really just wanted it done to get the annoying service alert taken off. They also replaced 3 pulleys for the drive belt for 360$ .. now fast forward to yesterday, on my way...
  2. barra218

    [B]Dodgy Companies - Ripping Us Off![/B]

    Heres a thread to post all those dodgy companies and how they ripped you off to warn the rest of us to stay away. Im not too sure if there is already a thread about this but i couldn't find one so here it is. I'll start with a local panel beater who i spent thousands at getting just about my...
  3. 1SIKR8

    Pedders Buster For The Fakes They Are !

    watching a current affair last night was was gald to see pedders exposed for the fakes that they are :rofl2: they tried ripping me away from $5000 :banstick: when really at my local holden dealer told me i only needed to replace my bushs .. not = * my entire power steering unit * strut...