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  1. RiffRaffMama

    Wheel rims for roadworthy

    I’m taking my car in tomorrow to have the roadworthy signed off but one thing they told me I had to do was get one new front tyre. The easiest way for me to go about this is to switch both my front wheels out for a set I’ve got here off a different VX, but they’re stock rims and I currently have...
  2. A

    [VIC] Roadworthy Cert

    Hi guys, Looking I sell my VT, had her for 5 years; been a great car. While I'm confident most items are all ok for roadworthy, I don't want to get ripped off when heading for the cert. ANY ROADWORTHY CERT LOCATIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS? Looking for someone fair and not too at strict. I know...

    Venetians legal for roadworthy?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum so sorry if I've placed this thread into the wrong section :/ But I'm just wanting to know whether just rear venetians are legal in Victoria? Thanks :)
  4. S

    bought a vt few problems. Whats covered by a roadworthy

    Bought a 1998 vt Calais last week. Car came with a roadworthy. Has a few problems. There is a piece of the rear windscreen seal about 20mm long missing (fogs it up quite badly) The car makes a high pitch whistling when the rear demister is on. Anybody know why?. the drivers door window...
  5. Paul_grima

    Price on These?

    Just got this list from a roadworthy test and was wondering how much this will set me back including labour? *Replace strut tops *Replace engine mounts *Front link pin bushes *Right radius rod bush *Lower front trailing arm bushes *Upper trailing arm bushes Thanks :)
  6. s-pack_a_punch

    My VSII Manual S Pack

    Hey guys. New to JC, as I just bought my first Commodore a week and a half ago. It's my baby, my project, my hobby, my stress relief. I got it off a mate of a mate, and thought I scored pretty well... It's a 1996 VSII S Pack with: - 129,00kms - now 136,000kms - A 5sp manual from a VSIII Ute...
  7. G

    My VL steering wheel.

    i have just bought my frist VL commodore and it has a wood grain carnished steering wheel in it. i have it booked in for a road worthy and i was just wondering if that steering wheel was roadworthy? it still has a working horn in the car though!