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rocker cover

  1. holdencallous

    rocker cover oil leak?

    Hey guys, so I recently got a series 2 VX commodore with 271xxxkms on the clock, as I was warming it up today I whacked on the fans because it was hot, it’s been turned in for about 4-5 minutes and I see a light smoke coming out of the vents which smells like burnt oil. so I turn the car off and...
  2. Bardy-II

    VZ Rocker Covers

    So I'm in need of some real assistance. My VZ just out of the blue started misfiring, and I sourced it to the HVAC vacuum line. Reconnected it and took it for a test drive, and the whole car was just making a large humming sound under acceleration, as well as misfiring on and off. I've removed...
  3. Kierab

    Oil still leaking even after rocker cover gasket changed...

    so i was driving down the road, not going fast or anything, just cruising, get to a set of lights and after about 10 seconds i see a sh!t load of smoke coming out of the bonnet so i pull over, open it up, and there heaps of oil on the rocker cover, (the left one) and smoke coming off the...