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  1. M

    Vt not starting after rocker install (backfires)

    Ecotec v6 Hi all, sorry for posting again but I couldn't find a direct answer so here I am... again :-( So anyway I purchased some 1.98:1 ratio rockers off gumtree that were second hand and they came with some push rods which I believe were a little longer than stock, I think they were comp cam...
  2. Sam Droscher

    Blokes!! I need help choosing the right rockers for my cam

    Hey guys, I’m new to this joint and have only posted just once. Here is my second: I’ve been building my engine, I’ve never had any experience doing this or anything with engines but I’ve always had a passion for going fast and nearly killing myself. I’ve got a VZ SSZ Ute and I’m done pretty...
  3. J

    Bent pushrod where can i buy

    I have a 94 vr commodore, my car has just came back from being thrashed out from a car meet and iv bent a pushrod, causeing an engine tick, i need to know where i can buy a new pushrod for the ol 3800?
  4. vyseriesII

    [QLD] FS - 1.9.1 high ratio rockers (Mace Brand)

    ITEM: 1.9.1 High ratio rockers to suit ecotec v6 Vs to Vy LOCATION: Brisbane QLD CONDITION: Used but good as new PRICE: $290 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can be posted at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct deposit, Pay pal or cash on pickup CONTACT DETAILS: PM me OTHER INFO: 13...
  5. Chady

    [VIC] Misc Parts for sale. (Wrecking VR V6 Auto)

    Created a new thread. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/parts-other-items-sale/206756-vr-vs-v6-performance-mods-sale.html
  6. R

    new rocker bolts?

    where am i able to get replacement rocker bolts to replace the torque to yeild bolts that hold the rockers in place from factory?
  7. A

    [VIC] Holden VY Commodore v6 3.8 Ecotec or L67 factory rockers+pushrods

    ITEM: VY Commodore v6 3.8 Ecotec or L67 factory rockers+pushrods LOCATION: VIC - Melbourne, western suburbs 3021 CONDITION: Used (very good condition) PRICE: $120 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or post PAYMENT OPTIONS: will discuss CONTACT DETAILS: PM, 0431 349 872...
  8. A

    Just fitted mace rockers 1.9s on l67 (review)

    Very easy to install job took around 3 hours as I took my time, being a first time job for me and I wanted it to be perfect. All that was needed for the job was a wrench set, a screw driver and a decent torque wrench. The rest is supplied by MACE. My car already included MACE 10psi boost...
  9. VT6er

    [Ecotec] after 3000rpm car has lost alot of power

    hey guys just joined up to justcommos i got a bit of a problem with my ecotec 6 i just put ultra high ratio roller rockers on and started her up all good. on the road after about 3grand the car has lost a significant amount of power. im thinking i need new valve springs?? any help ? cheers