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  1. V

    Kicker L7, Rockford D1 or Alpine Type X?

    G'day Guys, I am looking at putting some subs in my Berlina and I can't decide between Kicker L7s, Rockford D1s or Alpine Type Xs. Probably gonna get two 12", but I don't know what would be the best. I have been told to go for the Type Xs, but the L7s sound good and have heard that the D1s...
  2. J

    dual fusion 12" powerplant subs or go towards fosgate or soundstream

    at the moment am doing a full redo of the system in my car. have had one fusion powerplant that i bought for $200 on ebay simply because it was there. been down to a few shops who have told me the same "for the extra money of a rockford fosgate sub/s it isnt worth it in the quality" wanted to...
  3. S

    [NSW] Rockford Fosgate P1652-S Splits, Brand New

    ITEM: General Item Description LOCATION: State and Region CONDITION: New PRICE: $200 negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can be posted aus wide using insured registered post PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or PayPal CONTACT DETAILS...
  4. T

    [VIC] Vl commodore - calais nosecone

    ITEM: vl commodore wagon aftermarket calais front (non flip) and calais side skirts LOCATION: central vic YEAR: 87 SERIES: vl BADGE: Example: debadged ENGINE: RB30E TRANSMISSION: 5speed manual COLOUR: light blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: good condition with the usuall stone...