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  1. Jdm085

    Vx commodre engine shaking at idle and knocking

    Hay all this is my first post I just brought a 2002 vx acclaim wagon for $350 These are the problems i have Engine knocks and shakes at idle. Engine smooths out at 20-30kph still knocking. Engine knock gets less auditable at 60-70kph. Engine basicly has no knock but slight shake at...
  2. O

    VT Calais electric seat rocks back and forward. Worn bush ???

    I have a 1998 VT Calais. The driver's seat rocks back and forward slightly. This has nothing to do with the track or ratchet mechanism. The problem is with the bushes. The threaded rods go through the electric motors. At the other end, they mount via a plastic bush and pin to the seat frame. As...
  3. C

    Bad kicking in 4th gear VS commodore automatic

    When I drive at about 80-100kph and try to accelerate slowly (revs at about 1500-2000) or maintain speed on an incline the car kicks badly, its like a rocking motion or a powerful punch like its missing revs or something. Although when I give it some and ramp the revs up to about 3000-3500 the...