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  1. Revhigh

    2016 new release, Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller for Holden, Ford etc.

    The updated Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller unit is now available. Give your vehicle the throttle response it deserves. Revhigh stealth Suits the full range of Holden's from VZ onwards, LS1 VZ unit is now being tested. VZ V6 Alloytec, VE VF V6 & V8 are good to go. Suits many other vehicles...
  2. calais24/7

    [ACT] Holden Rodeo

    ITEM: 98 v6 2wd PRICE: 3700 neg LOCATION: act YEAR: 1998 SERIES: LX (TFR9) ENGINE: 3.2 v6 TRANSMISSION: Manual COLOUR: white EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good INTERIOR CONDITION: Good WHEELS: 30" bf goodrich allterrains TYRE SIZE INCLUDING LOAD RATING: 15"...
  3. M

    04 Rodeo 4X4 W/Nissan SR20 Conversion

    Hey guys, My rodeo has recently had a lower bearing issue and is now up for a new motor (Motor has done 280 000kms). My mate has a Nissan SR20 engine that he said i could have, but i wasnt too sure if it would fit, and if it would still allow me to use the 4WD (I bought a 4WD to use it.... so...
  4. C

    Replacing wing mirrors

    First I'd like to say I'm new here, this is my first post, and am not sure if I'm in the right section, so mods, please move me if I'm not! I have a 98 Rodeo Spacecab, and it has the kind of wing mirrors that you have to reach out the window to change the angle of them. I would like to...
  5. M

    Holden Rodeo Enhancements/Mods

    Hey people, first post here. Recently trading in my xr6 turbo for a 01' Rodeo 4 cylinder Petrol, 122,000 kms, just asking for a bit of advice?? Cosmetic wise, I've got it tinted and getting an mp3 headdeck and speaker system next week put it. I'm also changing the spark plugs and lead...
  6. C

    06 Rodeo Tune up?

    I know this place isnt for rodeos but mabey someone has some good views. Ive bought a 06 rodeo 3.6l alloytec manual and want to put extractors and a new exahust on it, just wondering if anyone has a good idea about what is best for this ute?? cheerss.
  7. J

    ls1 rodeo

    hey guys i was wondering whether i can fit a ls1 or any other v8 into a 2002 rodeo? i've try to do some research but no luck, has anyone done or know of it being done? cheers
  8. W

    04 Rodeo Engine problem

    I have an 04 RA Rodeo dual cab 3.5l 5spd man. On the weekend the car started running rough i topped it up with some oil and only fixied it up a little, an O2 sensor light flashed up possibly running rich, petty smelling exhaust and hell smoky on the down rev. I had a roadside mechanic come...