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roller rockers

  1. P

    [Ecotec] Correct valve springs for roller rockers

    Assuming both are brand new, what would perform better with high ratio roller rockers: 90lb stock springs or 105lb upgraded springs? I’ve seen mixed opinions from people, some claiming that stock springs will float at high RPM, some saying this is only true for old springs, and others saying...
  2. paulforaname

    VT SS 5L with loose rocker arm help

    all, Just got problem with my series 1 VT SS. I had the tranny go a few months ago and drove it to my mechanics to have tranny replaced. When driving there it reved abit then it would change up. Im letting you know as believe this caused my issue. Just before I got csr there it starting making...
  3. K

    Roller Rockers VT into VY

    Hey Guys Just wondering if anyone knows whether Yella Terra Roller Rockers from a VT Ecotec V6 will bolt onto a VT L67? Got a mate who is selling some.

    Ignition Leads or High Ratio Roller Rockers? V6

    Hey guys, Got car serviced today and spoke to the mechanic about getting a bit of power in my v6. Still on P-plates, just wanted a little bit more power to get me by) I suggested High Ratio Roller Rockers from MACE but he said it won't be worth it at all. After servicing my car he said...
  5. nalchlan

    squeeking VS ecotec roller rockers

    hey guys i got mace's 1.98 ratio roller rockers for my car and put them in and had no trouble, it started and ran fine. but about 3ks down the road slowing down in 3rd i heard a squeeking sound. the noise stopped when i let it idle for a while but after i drove it 500 metres down the road...
  6. V

    VY Roller Rockers + LSD?

    Ive been told by many people on this site that i should get roller rockers and an LSD( with changed gear ratio?) on my car for better acceleration and fun-nes to drive. So now i need to know info about wheres good to go in perth for either of these items. i want to get them installed...
  7. G

    Noob with some questions

    My engine is out of my v6 VS at the moment so I thought I may as well do some work to it. Where can I get some good cheap roller rockers and a new water pump? And is there anything else I should be doing while the engine is out? Cheers guys and sorry If this is in the wrong section, I'm new.
  8. Dan VS 231

    1.9 Rockers over time.

    Hey all. My ecotec is currently without heads as there was bubbles from the radiator which isnt a good sign. Turns out the head gaskets were ok but there was a gouge in one head and as such hey are both being shaved a little. Anyway the problem looks to be the plastic manifold gaskets. Moving...
  9. H

    Roller Rockers for my VR

    iv got a VRs1 acclaim, with extractors, exhaust, power chip, leads, cold air intake. and now im thinking of roller rockers how much? is it worth getting? and how much power could i get? cheers