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roof card

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    [VIC] VS parts - Headlining card, Calais wiper stalk, Complete rear seat.

    VS roof card - $50 - Out of a VS Sedan - Original Material - No Sagging, Clean VS Calais wiper stalk - $20 - Very little wear VS Executive complete rear seat - GONE - No tears - A few marks LOCATION: Warragul VIC. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Roof card: pick up only. You CAN fit it in...
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    [VIC] VR/VS Parts: Roof Lining, Calais Wiper Stalk.

    ITEM: - Roof card out of a VR/VS commodore sedan, with original material. Might fit VP too? - VR/VS Calais wiper stalk: Has the variable speed wiper control on it. LOCATION: Warragul VIC. CONDITION: - Roof Lining: No sag, clean, VGC. - Wiper Stalk: Very little wear, VGC. PRICE: - Roof...