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  1. Deetorious

    VS - VR Commodore Roof lining solutions

    Hey all, So I have a black commodore VS so it gets very hot inside it! It has its 2nd roof lining (and cardboard/ backing board) in it as the first one sagged and the board just cooked and turned to dust. I'm starting to see this happening in my 2nd one now as its sagged from the heat and...
  2. V

    Is it possible to move the ve roof antenna ???

    I want to move the antenna off my ve's roof and maybe have it under the bonnet. has anyone thought of doing this?? i just reckon it will look much smoother. also if somebodies looking to do it i have purchased a BMW shark fin placing it over the old part which the antenna screwed into and...
  3. ephect

    [VIC] WTB: VR-VS Roof lining - cardboard must be good

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VR-VS roof lining, or hood lining which ever you call it. Cheap as possible :) LOCATION: Vic, prefer northern suburbs or close by as in north east n west. CONDITION: Used PICK UP INFORMATION: willing to pickup, shoot me ur location and I'll see what i...
  4. M

    Berlina roof lining

    Hey guys. Ive got a 91 Berlina and the interior roof lining is coming off. The lining is in really good nick so I don’t need any new stuff, Id just like to know how to go about fixing it up. Its getting worse every day. If I could flip the car upside down it would be a lot easier. Cheers...

    VT Sedan roof rack allan key questions.

    Hey guys, my friend just bought a 98' VT Berlina Sedan with roof racks, He wants to get them off but needs the allan key (I'm assuming like a lock nut type thing) as the previous owner lost it or something. I was just wondering if the Roof racks would of been factory fitted (as in, did they...
  6. D

    VH Commodore Roof Reveal (roof moulds) clips

    Hi all, does anyone know where you can get the push in clips with the 4 prongs on them that splay out which are used for the side rear roof reveal moulds? Basically the pin on the mould pushes into these clips that go into the hole on the pillar skin. I have tried genuine, none available...

    Interior help!!

    Ok this is really getting to me, and sorry for my noobness. i have two Vns im trying to make into one. the roof lining on the body im using was sagging but on the donor car was fine, so i figured to swap them over. I figured if i removed the rear interior pillars i would be fine asin taking...
  8. V

    re linning saggy roof

    does anyone know how to reline vs roofs
  9. btjon1

    Vs Wagon Noisy Roof Help?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone can help me. Ive not long ago bought a vs wagon, but it has a rattling roof. When the car is on, the roof tends to vibrate, however as soon as you push on it just behind the drivers seat it stops, it also vibrates it when you drive on a rough bit of road...