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  1. H

    Brake Vx

    Hey guys im about to change the brakes on a vx, was just wondering weather i have to or should change the brake fluid? Im fitting new pads and rotors front and rear and not sure if i have to bleed the brakes before or after the change? And also how exactly is the best way for 1 person to do it?
  2. J

    Brake/suspension upgrades in Adelaide

    Hey guys, Looking for advice on what and where to get some initial mods done to my new (second hand) VF SS (L77 auto motor). Figuring I should start with making sure i have a stable ride and can stop with confidence. I have between about $2k - $5k to spend on just the brakes and suspension...
  3. J

    Bendix Ultimate Brakes on VY

    I recently bought a brand new set of front and rear brake pads and rotors. I bought the Bendix Ultimate pads that come in a purple box and when you brake they squeal as if there's heaps of brake dust. Any idea why?
  4. L

    Buzzing Brakes

    Hey Guys - A little help please Have just fitted new Rotors and Pads All round. Slotted at the front and Drilled/Slotted at the rear. The Mechanic/Qualified (Good Friend) has done this for me. The Problem is (When I say problem I mean annoyance more than anything) There is a constant...
  5. Friction

    [QLD] Trade: Rotors, Pads & VR Dash Fitted

    ITEM: I have a VP which needs new rotors and pads for the rear and new rotors for the front fitted, as well as some help installing a complete VR dash. Most of the VR dash has been installed but I need to get all the electrics to work. I have 2 front and 2 rear rotors as well as 2 rear pads...