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  1. V

    Vy idle 1200-1400 Rpm

    After changing the plugs in my 04 series II vy ecotec the idle sits at about 1200-1400rpm and when the aircon is on goes down to about 1100 rpm however it occasionally surges to 2500rpm and sits there until the car is restarted, is it just a vac leak or could there be more to it.
  2. Chipz

    VZ SS decelerate stall(rpm drop)

    Hey all I can not work out what is going on with my car and need as much advice and suggestions as I can get! My 5.7 Crewman Auto has all of a sudden desided it wants to have a drop in rpm below idle every time i get off the gas and can stall because of this. When it does the "decel rpm drop" it...
  3. jamie tsagliotis

    Vy grinding noise

    Hey guys Recently bought a vy v6 berlina 2004 series 2 and I have just noticed at a certain rpm when revving you can hear apmost like a grinding/saw noise as soon as it hits 2500-3000Rpm Sounds like its coming from under the car beaneath where the 2 front seats are. Really dont know what it is...
  4. vthed

    WL RPM not displaying correctly/faulty tacho?

    Having some issues with my WL Caprice 5.7L. Car runs great bar the issue I'm having with the tacho. The car never misses a beat and is great on fuel and power. When I start driving the RPM seems to be correct but as I drive (probably within 5-10 minutes), the RPM starts to drop and eventually...
  5. P

    Car rpm is dropping in the winter morning

    Hi, For last 3/4 days (it is very cold in the morning and evening in Melbourne), my cars rpm is dropping and engine is stalling when I first start my car. It looks like rpm is too low to keep the car running! But if I keep pushing the paddle to keep it running for a min or two, the rpm...
  6. L

    vt calais tacho problem

    I got a vt calais with a vz ls1. I just bought the car and on my first drive i realised that the tacho is showing a fraction of the actual rpm, at idle the needle is at 200 rpm. when i floor it its showing 2500 rpm before changing gears. Engine is running perfectly, everything else on the...
  7. A

    [VIC] 2 Autometer Gauges

    ITEM: 2 Autometer RPM Gauges LOCATION: VIC Keilor CONDITION: Barely Used PRICE: $100 Each (Negotiable) RRP is like $250-$300 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM, this thread OTHER INFO: Both Gauges work perfectly, as new...