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  1. J

    Recommended Tyres for 2014 VF SS Sedan

    Hey all, New to the world of commodores, as well as high powered vehicles (I bought VF SS with a few minor mods and a sports tune), and am nearing the point of requiring my first new set of tyres. I haven't got a fortune to spend, but I'm not stupid enough to go for re-treads, and I haven't got...
  2. J

    Strange rubber cylinder mounted on exhaust pipe

    There is this strange rubber cylinder mounted to exhaust pipe of my 2005 vz commodore Equipe, towards the rear left of the car. Its held on by a welded bracket and has clearance all around to the chassis. The rubber cylinder sits parallel to the exhaust pipe so it cant be a rubber mount. I...
  3. BadJesse

    Clunk of death - Feedback needed.

    Hello just trying to get some feedback, the clunk. Vt commodore 98 manual t5, engine mounts were worn to the point that my sump was on the cross member "apparently" in roadworthy, mechanic replaced them and since then this clunk has developed, i also kinda span the wheels one night in a heated...
  4. C

    Outside window belts

    I currently own a 2004 vz executive and the outside window door belts on the driver and passenger door are faded and not shinny any more. Am I able to just remove them and spray paint them, if so how do I remove them? And what colour black (satin, gloss, etc) ? And should I give them a light...
  5. Manual Calais

    How to restore chrome window trims?

    Hi everybody. I am on the search to figure out how to fullly restore a set of chrome window trips that in this case are off a vp. They are like a plastic/rubber with chrome strips on them. I gather that you would sand the chrome down and repair any dents and take them to a electroplater to get...
  6. H

    How to remove rear exhaust rubbers?

    I tryed to remove the old exhaust rubbers on my VR wagon to install new one's for a roadworthy, Is there any special way to get them off and get the new one's on?
  7. topdzl

    VT door inner seal/belt

    where can i buy new vt door rubber seal/belt online? i looked around but i couldn't find any. your help would be appreciated :beer chug:
  8. V

    rubber door seals

    does anyone wat glue or adhesive to use when puttin new door seals on a vs