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  1. J

    VN trailing arms help please

    hello I have changed everything in my car to nolathane and I was just wondering about the trailing arms the bold wont line up about a inch out i was just wondering if i have to take something off to get it to line up, example pan hard rod, lower control arms, or if its the way i jack up the car...
  2. 9

    Best place to buy Door rubbers (seal against window inside driver side door)

    Hey guys the Rubber door seal on my 93 VR ute has separated from the plastic mold, where is the best place to buy new ones?
  3. Paul_grima

    Tie rod - Steering Wheel Slack QUESTION

    Hi everyone, Today i changed my Tie rod end rubbers/boots in my VN, and after doing that i have noticed there is heaps of slack in the steeing wheel. for example when i turn the steering wheel about a quater to the right then it starts to turn the wheels right and same with the left side...
  4. VSV6

    Painting Rubbers

    Hey guys, I was just curious on how I should paint my rubbers, and what kind of paint I should be using. Could I get the paint at stores like SuperCheap, Repco, Autobarn? or more Specific shops. Any tips on doing it? I did this, this afternoon just before it got dark, was hoping to get a a...