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  1. J

    Is this okay ... Or wheel spacers ?

    Below iv attached a picture of how my 19x8 enix hornets are sitting on my vt at the front. This is scaring me a little any advice ? There running 245/35/19 tyres
  2. J

    VT Acclaim series 2, 19x8 enix hornets Running 245/35/19 tyres Strut Rubbing

    I own a 2000 Vt commy, Iv had to swap out my rims for rego back to my stockies, After removing my 19 enix hornets I noticed some Rubbing on the Strut, But when driving the car I haven't heard it scraping, Not to sure about the offset of the wheel. Is this normal ? Should I get a...
  3. J

    Custom OTR rubbing on underside of bonnet

    Hi Guys, Just bought a VZ SS Ute with a heap of work done. It was done by a mechanic who works for a sponsor of this forum. There are no receipts of work done so I am guessing no warranty? Anyway, I would like to know the exact specs for an OTR for this model. I may have to have another...
  4. speed__demond

    body sways sideways? rims rubbing

    hey ive discovered that my new rims are rubbing under my wheel arches due to my vrII wagon, when you push on the side of the car the rear wobbles side to side a fair bit.. ive only replaced the swaybar bushes and shock bushes
  5. P

    19" Rims rubbing on inner(shock absorber) guard

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my stock Holden Commodore VY Executive S2 2004. 2 years ago I put 19 x 8.5" rims (245/35/19) on the car with no problem. But now the inner of the front drivers side tyre is worn and has fomed a small flat spot and worn to the canvas. When I took off the drivers...