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running rough


    VZ Alloytec Running Rough + Maxing at 4000rpm

    Hi, I have a VZ that has just started running rough when first started and goes away after a short drive. I just changed the fuel filter and same problem. I though I would rev it up in N and P and it will only go to 4000rpm. Thanks in advance
  2. bns_vs_ute3885

    Running rough after overheating

    G’day, Wondering if someone could give me an idea on what might be wrong with my ute. It overheated yesterday, driving in high temps. Unbeknownst to me, I’ve a slow leak in the radiator and ran out of coolant on the way home for a trip. Engine started ticking when I accelerated, so found a...
  3. W

    Vy ss running rough

    Hey Guys, I have a 2002 VY SS and has been running great the past 3 years iv had it, all of a sudden its started running really rough to the point it stalls trying to idle. I think its a bit of a coincidence that it happened after I filled up the other day. Any way seen that it happened after I...
  4. C

    98 VT Berlina Commodore, running rough, idling rough

    So ive tried so much to fix this issue, done plugs, leads, coil, even replaced starter motor (as it wasnt disengaging...) and it is still running rough, hot or cold, revs just jump and fall and i am at a complete loss as to why. it stalls though when it is cold (its an auto) i could use ANY...
  5. VNCommodoreBraah

    VN Commodore running rough help

    hey everyone this is my first post on this site.. having problems with my 1989 VN Commodore it starts but idles bad, its running on all 6 and when i put it in another gear like drive or reverse it almost stalls and sounds like its thirsty for petrol this only happened after i tried cranking the...
  6. lemonjuice

    Vn running wierd after spark plug and battery change over

    Hi guys, Long time thread veiwer,first time poster, My issue relates to my 1991 vn commadore v6 sedan, a couple of weeks back id been having starting issues and notice my starter motor was caked in the usual crap,i gave it a good clean and some of my other underbody area (being extremely careful...
  7. 0

    VY running rough and making noise.

    Hey guys i recently got extractors put on the car they were pacemaker 2 1/4 inch it also has a 2 1/2 inch lukey exhaust from the cat back when i picked her up i notice a weird buzzing and knocking noise so they lifted it back up and showed me where it was comming from it looked like the starter...
  8. V

    VL endless problems!

    Okay everyone, I need help with my VL. It's had sooo many problems i'm almost about to give up! Originally it would run fine, then one day was really underpowered then my brother got it bogged, after a while of revving it hard and getting stuck deeper, he gave up. So one day about 3 weeks...
  9. K

    VR runs rough, electrical issue

    Hi All, Hoping for a bit of advice with a new issue on my VR v8. Recently got it back from the Panel beaters, got a door replaced and the front bumper done as well thanks to a little old lady reversing into it. Anyhoo, Got it back and she was driving fine, almost home and went to press...
  10. Beny

    Right hand bank of cyldenders not firing HELP!!

    So my vs v6 just started losing alot of power and then this devloped into missing where is became undrivable within 30 mins after the loss in power starting to show. I looked into it for all the obvious things plugs leads coilpacks injctors and these were all fine the only thing noticed was the...