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  1. A

    New 2012 SV6 Sportwagon running rough after 4 days

    Hi all, I bought a new SV6 Commodore Sportwagon 6 days ago (straight from the factory, only 17kms on it when I received it). For the first 3-4 days I was amazed at how smooth the car was on start up - completely quiet and still even when cold. The quietest and smoothest car I've ever driven...
  2. Gilly91

    Uneven power through rev range

    Since I've owned my V6 VS commodore it has not liked being driven hard at all. This isnt much of a problem because I drive it like a grandma in order to preserve tyres etc. However, it has an annoying problem that occurs when accelerating; it almost feels like what happens when you hit the power...
  3. M

    Vt 5ltr running lean help

    hi guys and girls first time poster just worndering if anyone has had the prob im having ive looked in the forums but no luck i have a 5ltr v8 berlina that stalls like its running out of fuel i can drive it just fine for about 10-20 kms in the morn on the highway nothing bad really happens...
  4. aussie 94 vr

    my vr stalls at lights and has troble running

    right Ive got a 94 VR SII it tends to stall at the lights, when putting the brake on and when sitting in drivethough's and places like that. and its giveing me the s**** in drivethoughs and places like that the revs go down from 1000rpm to 900 or lower and it dose the same with the a/c on too...