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  1. Bardy-II

    [VIC] VicRoads Inspection Question

    Hey so I've finally...emphasis on the finally - got the green slip for my VZ, it's taken months, and I've filled out all the paper work ready to go for the Rego inspection next week. My biggest question is my mechanic has accidentally put the wrong suburb so I live in Langwarrin South, however...
  2. T

    Help Needed Holden SSV Rims Split ?

    Hi Guys, just after some advice or knowledge with my scenario... to cut a long story short we sold our SSV to a family member any way had to get the RWC we needed to replace 1 SSV Rim... instead of purchasing a new one off Holden for $495 I found a set of 5 VE series 2 SS Thunder rims with 4...
  3. B-T-GiZzLe

    Replacing DVD player handbrake wire

    Good morning, Many moons ago when I had a DVD player installed in my VX (Series II Berlina Sedan) I was young and silly and asked the installer to bypass the handbrake wire to allow me to watch DVD's while the car was moving. I believe they earthed it somewhere. I haven't used the DVD part of...
  4. 3

    [VIC] Car auctions

    I've been thinking about buying a VE Commodore from a car auction, because they seem to be cheaper than anywhere else. Has anybody had any experience with car auctions? I'm curious to know about RWC and warranty.