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s pac

  1. K

    My Black 04 VY S Pac

    Name: Ayden Model: 04 VY S PAC S2 Colour: Black Bodykit: Standard Engine Type: 3.8 Ecotec Engine Mods: Standard Power: Standard Exhaust: 2 1/2 inch redback cat back Gearbox: Auto Diff: Open Brakes: Standard Suspension: SL springs all round Wheels/Tyres: Black Gts 20"s...
  2. barra218

    VZ S One Tonner 190??

    Hey everyone, im looking at buying a 2005 VZ S One Tonner ute and just wondering if they came with the 190Kw engine!? Thanks!
  3. P

    vy II s pac vs vz sv6

    Hey guys in the coming months i'm looking at buying a car and i've narrowed it down to either a vy s pac or a vz sv6, i was just wondering wat u guys thought was the better car and wat the pros and cons for both of them are, i know the sv6 has the newer alloytech engine but is there anything...
  4. D

    2000 vx s pac

    I've been snooping around JC for a while now but this is my first post, time to show everyone my new car. Picked this up 2 weeks ago, my second car, first one was a s1 vn. It's a 2000 vx s pac, manual, when i got it had 98k on the clock, now its almost up to 100k. There's a massive...
  5. ParkwayDrv

    My 95 Vs s pac ute

    Model: 1995 VS S Colour: White Engine Type: 3.8L V6, with cai, and upgraded memcal Exhaust: 2 1/2" Gearbox: auto, with a corvette servo installed Suspension: Lovell ultra lows all round Wheels/Tyres: 18" VY SS Stereo: Ipod ready kenwood Other Mods: tint 20% ( i think ), new grill...
  6. dylanfh

    WTB:VR/VS Red S Pac or SS door moulds.

    In search for a good complete set of red SS Or S-pac door moulds,must be in sydney for pick up.Please PM me if you have any.