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  1. super6vt1998

    my project details

    hey yeh im on my L's and my parents have given me for my P's a holden commodore vt supercharged v6. so these are my future mods: 10psi pulley high ratio rockers new intercooler system cold air intake so i almost have enough for the 10 psi pulley kit my future future mods are that...
  2. 1SIKR8

    My Sexy S-pack

    My New VT S-pack i got my grubby hands on thursday, already i've put a monaro frount bar on it, XHP jet 18inch rims. other then that its been kept immaculant by its previous owner. its got a getrag 5speed behind the solid lil ecotec motor =) speaking of the motor i've put a cold air intake and...
  3. matt089

    Matts VR II S-Pack Manual

    Hey guys this is my first car got it in 2007 picked it up with 154,000kms, heres some pics and info on the car let us know what you think and any thoughts on what else I could do cheers Model: VR Series II S-Pack Year: 1994 Colour: White Engine: 3.8ltr V6 Endine mods: CAI, K&N filter...
  4. HamaTime™

    1997 VS SII S-Pack

    Model: '97 VS II S Kilometers: Bought at 204,000. Now 235,XXX Colour: Botannica Mica B148 Bodykit: S Pack Engine Type: 3.8 Litre (231ci) V6 ECOTEC Engine: - L67 OTR CAI - K&N Panel Filter - MACE 25mm Manifold Insulator - MACE 12mm Plenum Spacer - IMPCO LPG Air Mixer Dual Fuel system...