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s pack

  1. Burning rubber

    VX Equipe water in oil

    Hi all I have just bought a VX S Pack Holden By Design with presume totaled motor. Thing is infact its fine just water in the oil, it was thought to be a head gasket but how would water get in the oil if it was a head gasket? Is it more likey to be a manifold gasket? And is there a way to check...
  2. P

    VX series11 S pack V6 loss off power or miss?

    Hi all,having an issue with the VX that I am having trouble isolating. It is a V6 S pack,auto,with power/economy and traction control,the dash light for power/economy has gone out so I dont know what range I am in,cant tell by operating the switch but every thing else appears to be ok. The...
  3. R

    Supercharged VX starting difficulties recently. Now wont start at all.

    Hey folks. Ride is a VXii 3.8 supercharged. Had the car 3 years, very reliable, always started first kick. Three weeks ago i blew a heater valve in heater hose line. Engine beeped very hot, computer appeared to shut down engine and i was roadside for a day...
  4. G

    Glase's S2 VT S Pack

    G'day, i thought i'd start a thread on my current car which as the title states is a S2 VT S Pack. Name: Nathan Age: 17 Model: Series II VT S Pack Year: 1999 Price: $3,700 Odometer: 160,000 Colour: Panther Mica Engine: 3.8L Ecotec V6 Exhaust: 2.5" Lukey Cat Back (Without Resonator)...
  5. D

    my 2002 VX 5 speed manuel S pack

    recently got this car about 3 months ago, lost my license within 4 days of having it havent really drove it yet trying to get some work done it came stock standard with extractors only.5 speed manuel work done.. 19" rims, rear has kingspring superlows have the front to match but have had time...
  6. J

    Manual Conversion

    G'day, I've had my Vy Spack for about a year, it's ex-police, plus my old man helped my buy it. So naturaly i can't sell it and get another thats manual already. Plus my diff is about to blow... I was thinking of changing it to a 3.7 LSD and doing the manualy conversion at the same time. Any...
  7. A

    My VY S Pack


    [QLD] 16" Genuine VT-S Pack rims and tyres

    ITEM: 4 x genuine VT S-Pack 16" rims and tyres LOCATION: Northern suburbs, Brisbane CONDITION: Used PRICE: WAS $400 NOW $350 * throw some offers * DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up/can deliver if within driving distance (like you to pay for the fuel however) PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash/bank...
  9. W

    Clutch Slip

    Hey everyone, Took delivery of my thunder s last weekend, and I can't stress how much love I have for that machine :) On a sadder note, I encountered a problem of a slipping clutch just yesterday after some driving in heavy traffic and then some er, wet roads in which I accidently got a...
  10. W

    [VIC] Wts- vt s pack boot for boot without spoiler

    ITEM: Vt Black S pack boot LOCATION: Noble Park, Victoria CONDITION: Used PRICE: Straight swap DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pick up from my house CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] OTHER INFO: Hey guys, really dont like spoiler and i dont like the look of taking them...
  11. JSTCOZ

    2000 VT S-Pack 5 tyres + 5 mags price?

    Hey all, Since my last car got written off I now have a commodore VT-S pack. I was just wondering what sort of money I'd be looking at if i sold my wheels? They are the stock VT S-Pack Series II 16" rims. 5 rims + 5 tyres. Probably a little bit of a scrape here and there, but nothing...
  12. s-pack_a_punch

    My VSII Manual S Pack

    Hey guys. New to JC, as I just bought my first Commodore a week and a half ago. It's my baby, my project, my hobby, my stress relief. I got it off a mate of a mate, and thought I scored pretty well... It's a 1996 VSII S Pack with: - 129,00kms - now 136,000kms - A 5sp manual from a VSIII Ute...
  13. N

    VY Front end on 2002 VU SS?? HELP!!!

    Hi guys, I have a 2002 VU SS Ute and was wonder what mods are involed with putting a VY Front bar, Guards, Bonnet and headlights? (Basically VY Front end) Thanks