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  1. JA2Z

    Intercooler with Supercharger - Needed? give your opinion

    Hi, I have put an intercooler on my VR V6 Commodore that i S/C (the intercooler can in the kit). Although i does look MEAN:yeah:, I undertand what their function is but it doesn't seem to do much for the performance other than cause a bit of lag. What do you think about intercoolers...
  2. JA2Z

    Injectors - Will VS-VY(Ecotec) fit VR (Buick)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at some supercharged motor fuel injectors for my VR Series 2. Will Ecotech ones fit the Buick Motor Also any advise on psi:cc ratio requirements would be great (i.e. what cc rating injectors are recommended for different psi levels) Thanks