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  1. S

    No power increase from sc14.

    I've installed a sc14 on my vr calias. I was in a bit of a rush and I started it up without a waste gate. I blew out the rocker cover gaskets. I changed them and it seems like there's no power increase from the charger at all. It seems to be leaking oil form the dip stick. But I'm not 100%...
  2. S

    Where do vac lines go when installing a sc14??

    I'm installing a sc14 on vr calias. Im stuck on the vacum lines that run from the supercharger. I know they are to equalize pressure around the sc, but where do they plumb to? Also any advice on installing the bleed off valve would be welcome to. I've looked through the forums and couldnt find...
  3. menace2sobriety

    SC14 Pulley Sizes ( WHAT PSI DO I GET )

    Hey there everyone, just been browsing the pulley bros site to purchase a pulley for my setup and am wondering what boost I should be getting Basically I want about 8psi and I WILL be running an intercooler with 3" piping I don't want to buy a pulley only to find that I am now running 6PSI and...
  4. T

    Sc14 installation

    Hey guys I got a sc14 sitting in my garage for my vp Just seeing if anyone could help me put it in, if your interested Could you please send msg with a quote, I also need the harmonic balancer part Thanks. Jake
  5. JA2Z

    [NSW] VN, VP, VR V6 Supercharger Kit for sale

    ITEM: VN, VP, VR V6 Supercharger Kit LOCATION: NSW, Bella Vista CONDITION: Used PRICE: Ebay auction! 9psi Complete V6 Supercharger Kit Holden VN VP VR - V6 - eBay Turbos, Superchargers, Performance Parts, Car, Truck Parts, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 09-Oct-10 18:00:11 AEDST)...
  6. VT6er

    [WA] WTB microtec ecu or sc14 ecotec kit

    hey just wondering if any microtec ECUs are for sale or sc14 supercharger kits for the ecotec.