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  1. C

    Outside window belts

    I currently own a 2004 vz executive and the outside window door belts on the driver and passenger door are faded and not shinny any more. Am I able to just remove them and spray paint them, if so how do I remove them? And what colour black (satin, gloss, etc) ? And should I give them a light...

    Water Leak Into the interior. Help !

    I'm seriously so tired of opening my VN everytime it rains to find water in the footwell and has moisture in the rear seats. I don't open it often cause it has just been sitting in the backyard waiting to be fixed up and recently I have been starting to fix it up and noticed this problem. I've...
  3. V

    rubber door seals

    does anyone wat glue or adhesive to use when puttin new door seals on a vs
  4. Wherry951

    NEED HELP - Gearbox Seals?

    *I dont know much about this topic so explaining things would help*I need to know quite soon as i have some personal stuff going on atm and im rushed to get this car Hi well basically im getting this VS commodore and he's said it needs the gearbox seal doing. I dont know how bad it is. Its in...