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seat covers

  1. Z31na

    Sedan rear back rest removal

    Is there a way to remove the rear left and right seat backs in a sedan from the wall between the boot and the cabin? Ive found seat covers made specifically for the VF but the tie off points have to go behind the cushions and the gap is too small to get my arm behind.
  2. B

    VZ ute seats

    hey looking at getting seat covers made at super cheap was just wondering if there is any big difference between the s pack and normal VZ seats because its only saying VZ s pack on the website so i'm not too sure if there will be cut outs for the electric seat switch. Just wanna make sure i'm...
  3. R

    VEII SV6 Sedan Seat covers

    Best seat covers for ve sedan? Money no problem. Looking for the best fitting covers Preferably neoprene
  4. J

    VE Wagon Seats

    Will seats and door cards from a VE Berlina Wagon fit into an SV6 VE Wagon with working electrics? Also if anyone's selling a set of leather seats to suit a VE sv6 Wagon please let me know
  5. M

    2007 VE Holden Calais V luxury seat covers

    I was wondering where I would look at getting tailored seat covers to fit my Calais that I recently just picked up that aren't too expensive.
  6. J

    Seat covers for VE Omega?

    I've got an Omega with cloth seats front and rear. I'm after opinions on the best seat covers to get. I've never owned sheepskin covers so I don't know what they're like. Are they over-rated?? I won't always be the cleanest person, getting in and out i.e. working in yard and doing trips...
  7. H

    Match seat covers and door trim on 05 VZ

    Gday, im still on my L's but turning 18 very soon so im just sorting out what to do with my white 05 VZ commodore wagon. to start on the mods.. one idea i had was to get seat covers to preserve the seats but at the same time i would like to match the seat covers with a new trim on the part of...