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  1. Ratbird1

    Seat belt alarm issue VE Thunder

    Hey guys recently in the last month my passenger seat belt alarm has come up on my dash and hasn’t gone away. I.E soon as I start my car it thinks someone is sitting in the seat and starts the chime. I have replaced the pre tensioner hoping it was that but no luck. The only way I can get rid...
  2. T

    Sportwagon Rear Seatbelt locked while Seat is tilted forward (Solution)

    Sportwagon Owners, I thought I'd share this info on how to unlock a jammed seatbelt. This has occurred twice in my wagon (Once at the airport in the no parking zone and I needed to get 5 people in the car - with only 3 seats available it was not cool!). The issue: While the rear seat is down...
  3. A

    Seat belt warning behaviour

    Hi, I don't know if it's just mine or whether it's a standard VE thing, but I've noticed a little quirk with my '06 Calais in that during engine startup, the instrument cluster will chime (presumably to remind the driver to fasten seatbelt) but if I'm actually driving and my seatbelt comes off...
  4. V

    96 VS SEDAN - how do you replace middle seatbelt

    Help please!!! have searched n searched the net for my partner to replace my middle seatbelt and can't find anywhere to give me a guide or anything! can someone help out?? need it to get roadworthy on a piece of **** that i brought and had nothing but problems with... :hmmm::hmmm::hmmm::hmmm:
  5. A

    VR/VS Issues SEATBELT SLACK!!! HELP!!!!!

    Hey Everyone, Im VERY fresh on this fourm and i dont know if this has been answered before but could someone please tell me how they fixxed it! Okayyyy So lets get too it! i have a Holden VS Spac s2 (this doesnt really matter) and the drivers side seatbelt doesnt retract properly, Iv seen...
  6. V

    VE MY08 Seatbelt problem

    Hello all. I am new here, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. I have an MY08 VE Omega Commodore. An issue has developed with the driver's side seat belt buckle. The tab that slides through the buckle to lock the belt in place is now floating and there seems to be a broken or...
  7. B

    Fitting new drivers seatbelt socket.VZ commodore

    Can anyone help me i am changing the seat belt socket on the drivers side of my VZ commodore and i was told it could set off the airbag. Does anyone know if that's true and what i can do to get around it?