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  1. Benjamien.C

    Aftermarket seat questions!

    Hey all, Im thinking of buying a set of aftermarket bucket seats and was confused on wether i could transfer the rails on my current seat and bolt them on the new ones or if i needed specific rails for that set of seat, Thanks!
  2. Z

    After Market seat help.

    Hi all, I'm a novice car person, I am looking to put aftermarket SAAS Racing seats in my 1998 VT. The universal rails don't fit the vt unfortunately. I'm thinking of buying a plate of metal to bolt the original seat base then bolt the new seats the plate. I posted here hoping anyone has a...
  3. H

    Vt 2000 model wagon, desperately need a extra seat really cheap

    We have had a major family change, and now the household is , 6-8 children/adults needing to get to school and Tafe daily, we need a 3rd row seat for a vt wagon, or swap the wagon for a van with seats, we are low income earners , with combined families in 3 different towns and cities, some help...
  4. Lingsmith633

    VT Calais electrical seats motor swap?

    Does anyone know if I’m able to put the motors out of my Calais seats into my spac seats? My Calais ones are stuffed so I’m trying to save some money before I go buy new seats. Cheers guys
  5. A

    VE front and rear spring seat insulators and sound proofing the inner guards

    Trying to find some lower spring seats for the front and rears struts is cooking my lid hard. Help a brother
  6. D

    VE 2007 Berlina Upgraded seats to Calais, drivers electric adjustment not working.

    Ive put calais leather seats and door trims in my Berlina plugged in the 4 plugs available but when i try to adjust the seat position nothing works, is there a manual way i can adjust as I'm the only driver so once its moved to a comfortable position i don't mind if it doesn't work, or is there...
  7. T


    Will Maloo/clubby VE’s seats fit in my series 1 SSV ute.
  8. sixfootseven

    VZ Calais seats into VX2 Exec

    I've read all the threads I can find about seats, particularly later Calais into earlier Execs. Still don't know if I have any final answers. I have a VX2 Police Exec with side airbags and electric seat height + manual rails. Drivers seat base is trashed and won't pass next WOF (NZ WOF rules...
  9. B

    VZ ute seats

    hey looking at getting seat covers made at super cheap was just wondering if there is any big difference between the s pack and normal VZ seats because its only saying VZ s pack on the website so i'm not too sure if there will be cut outs for the electric seat switch. Just wanna make sure i'm...
  10. ReaperTBS

    Changing Colour of VE Calais Leather Seats

    Hello again, everyone. Just curious to know whether anybody here either knows of an effective, lasting way to change the colour of the interior leather, or has done it themselves. I'm considering changing from the cream interior colour scheme to black. I've read that the top few layers may...
  11. ReaperTBS

    Putting VZ Calais Seats in a Lumina

    Hi there! Anybody know if putting some VZ Calais powered seats (leather, preferably) in my Lumina would be as simple as removal from the rails, and installation to the lumina rails? Will i need any additional looms/bolts/mounts/anything to install them and get full fuctionality?
  12. Ant011

    WK statesman seats in a VZ executive

    Hi guys, I have aquired some statesman seats to fit to my car and was just wondering if there will be any wiring issues i am going to face and any ways to get around them if i do thanks
  13. J

    Uncomfortable seats in my 2014 Calais V

    Hi guys, I bought a 2014 Calais V at the end of 2016 after upgrading from my VZ that ive cherished for 10 years & for the life of me I dont know why i cant sit comfortably in the new Calais. I hate to admit it, but the VZ is actually more comfortable! My questions are: 1. Does anyone else...
  14. Wildboy

    Budget seat pad repair - Series 2 VE SV6 Driver seat.

    Gday, This is my first post on here, so please bear with me. I hope it all makes sense. Pro upholsterers may cringe, but this is the way we fixed my cactus seat pad. I recently went through a QLD transport roadside inspection station and was faulted for my drivers seat. I am a big lad...
  15. S

    vz calais memory seats in earlier model (memory function working)

    Just finished installing my vz calais memory seats in my base model vx just want to show how i wired them as i couldn't find a decent wiring diagram. The vx has 2 wires already for the standard seats which are just power and ground. I had to run a new wire from an ignition source to the new...
  16. dgp

    VF Memory Seat Issue??

    Hi guys, I have a 2013 MY14 CalaisV that I bought new and it has just ticked over 101,260 km and over the last two weeks I have noticed that you can't change the memory seat position once you have driven off from the stationary position. It's really only the last couple of weeks that I have...
  17. H

    WL Caprice seat not reclining

    Hi my WL caprice drivers seat is not reclining i am assuming its the switch or the motor [ as the forward / front and rear tilts are working so not fuse / electrics ] can this switch be swapped out with my statesman donors one? it doesnt have the numbers / memory sports the caprice one...
  18. M

    VR VS Caprice Grange Electric Seat Wiring

    Wondering if anyone knew how the wiring in the caprice electric seats run. Am transplanting them in a statesman and it seems they only added the loom to power them in the caprice series.
  19. S

    Monaro Electric Seat slides back on it's own....

    Hi guys, Wondering if some wise heads can help. I've search the forums and no one seems to have had the problem I'm having.... Drivers electric seat in my '04 CV8 Monaro decides to move itself and slide all the way back until it stops. No other adjustment happens (height/tilt etc), she just...
  20. M

    Does anyone know?

    This is probably the silliest of all the questions, but I'm going to get my car wrapped a green colour and I'm also looking at changing the interior to leather and I was wondering, is it possible to get dark green leather seats and door trims somewhere, somehow? I'll probably end up putting...
  21. B

    Subaru seats to commodore

    So my mates got a pair of neoprene bucket seats from a crashed wrx in mint as condition and it just so happens iv got springs poking me in the back in mine, so wondering if anybody has ever changed the commodore rails over to the Subaru seats? I used to have mate who whenever he did seat...
  22. S

    [NSW] Wtb vl calais parts

    DESCRIPTION: VL Calais interior, side panels, rear panel, rear lights, front lights ITEM: In description LOCATION: NSW, Wollongong CONDITION: New or Used, must be in reasonable condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel to pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Preferably cash on pick...
  23. L

    [VIC] Shed Cleanout, Ecotec, Getrag, 4L60E, 2 x Exhaust, Greddy Clutch Kit, SS Lower kit,

    Cleaning out the shed, Currently wrecking a Vs S pack Manual in black (Panther Mica # k009) most interior/exterior and drive line components available. Please contact me if what you need isn't up here and i will let you know if i have it. Having trouble uploading photos so message me and i...
  24. H

    recaro seats

    Hey guys, the missus is thinking of getting me recaro seats or the interior re-trimmed for christmas. Thinking of yellow/red stitching on black leather. maybe steering wheel parts in yellow or red. Anyway i was wondering if anyone has ever installed recaro seats and if there were any issues i...
  25. J

    Seat covers for VE Omega?

    I've got an Omega with cloth seats front and rear. I'm after opinions on the best seat covers to get. I've never owned sheepskin covers so I don't know what they're like. Are they over-rated?? I won't always be the cleanest person, getting in and out i.e. working in yard and doing trips...
  26. D

    [VIC] Wtb: Ve commodore/berlina/calais seats and/or door trims

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted To Buy ITEM: Door Trims or Seats or Both for a VE Commodore / Berlina / Calais / HSV LOCATION: Victoria CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to travel in Victoria PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Text me 0418346923 OTHER INFO...
  27. VjamesY

    [NSW] VZ calais black leather Interior

    ITEM: Black leather Seats and 4 door trims out of a VZ calais LOCATION: NSW, Hills District CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1000 open to offers DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: The seats and door trims are in good condition, removed from a...
  28. brute50

    [VIC] Front seats black or dark grey VT VX even VS if they look good

    DESCRIPTION: wanted to buy ITEM: Front Seats LOCATION: Victoria .. will travel not too far CONDITION: not damaged DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION - i will pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash on pick up or paypal CONTACT DETAILS:PM me - email...
  29. D

    vs SS seats to vs equip?

    hey to anyone who may know im lookin at getting more comfy seats for my vs an was wondering if the vs ss seats fit in or if i need new rails? any help would be very greatful
  30. J

    Brought Seats with side airbags. my car didnt come with them. should i remove them

    I brought some vz sv6 seat for my vx. the seats have side airbags in them but my cars old seat didnt have them. should i remove them as the plug is not connect to anything? or should i leave them in. and they shouldnt randomly deploy on me as hey are not connected.
  31. MR 1JZ

    [SA] VU SS Cloth Interior - Red

    ITEM: VU SS Cloth Interior - Seats and Doortrims LOCATION: Adelaide - 10 minutes north of the cbd CONDITION: Used PRICE: $300 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: can ship, pickup prefferred PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: Email or phone only...
  32. M

    Leather Trim

    I got a vy executive and was getting the Berlina Leather seats with door panel, I think its gonna be a easy swap but the only question arises is of the rear door panel , as i got manual window at rear , so what do you guys reckon , can the trim be modified to fix the handle or do i need to...
  33. M

    Stock seats

    Hey guys, Just wondering has anyone ever weighed the seats in a vs?
  34. makdaddz

    leather trim

    anyone know where i could pick up vt/vx Calais cream leather interior back and front seats and inserts?
  35. makdaddz

    Vt interior

    hey boy's how much would a cream calais leather interior, front/back seats and trims set me back?
  36. DAVIDC

    [VIC] Wrecking VN Commodore/Lexcen V6: RIMS+MORE!

    ITEM: Wrecking my 89 VN Toyota Lexcen/ Holden Commodore. A lot of parts still available LOCATION: Rowville, Melbourne CONDITION: Used PRICE: Parts range from $5 to $300 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can post parts at buyers expense or be picked up from Rowville, Melbourne. PAYMENT OPTIONS...
  37. VjamesY

    VY Calais seats into VY Executive... Few quick questions

    Hey guys, Ive looked around the site but couldnt find the exact info required... Ok so Ive got a VY executive and being impulsive have bought a full VY Calais leather trim for my car. I was just wondering If the seats will plug straight in and work? as the Calais seems to have a...
  38. Jessie VT

    Interiour re-trim

    Hay Guys, im having the car off the road for 6 months and im sick of my car looking stock, i want to completely re-trim the interior on my own, seats cards and dash, now im pretty sure i can do the parcel shelf, door cards, carpet and roof lining myself, but not to sure about the seats and...
  39. MotivationThoughts

    Interior Retrimmed

    Hey all, Thinking of getting my interior done. 99 VT Exec. Seats, Doors, Dash and maybe more. Thinking Red Leather, or Blue. Anyone knows prices?, Of all or just Seats? Difference between Leather and Vynal? Thanks Guys
  40. Rusty

    [WA] Perth installer needed - cash$$ vt seats into vr

    Hi guys, am heading to perth this weekend to pickup vt coulson hsv seats. Problem is, i have a vr ss! Does anyone recommend anyone / company to install these in and around the perth area. Even if anyone on this site has done it before and is interested in some cash. Heading to perth this...