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second hand

  1. B

    Need help with choosing a commodore

    Hey guys and girls, wanting help on choosing a commodore for me, from pickles auctions, the hail damage listings. I need a cheap car being my 1st, and one that is eligible for a P plater to drive so V6 and most. just wanting to know some reliable models of the commodore and how much mileage i...
  2. B

    Need help with choosing a commodore

    hey I'm an 18 year old, looking for a good cheap commodore. thinking about getting one from pickles hail damage auctions. Not being the biggest motor head, i have no idea what to look for in a second hand car especially when at the auctions you cannot drive the cars, what year would be a good...
  3. F

    What $ to offer for second hand suspension?

    I'm currently looking into lowering my car, and had done some pricing when one of my mates last night told me he was selling his car and would be interested in selling me his current suspension gear, then sell the car at stock height. What I've priced: SL front, SSL rear King Springs Monroe...