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security system troubles

  1. R

    Vp V6 immobiliser problems

    Hey, I have a vp v6 which the immobiliser has been over ridden to an extent where you can start the car and while the car is running it will beep and flash "press remote" for about 2 minutes. I decided too look into hard wiring it as it did not come with a key and it seems as though some one has...
  2. V

    VP Security system - Need help

    Just purchased a 93' VP commodore S and I'm wondering what's the deal with the standard security/immobiliser system. How do I go about turning the system off, located in the passengers door jam. Do I need a specific key? Just as one of my remotes is fully flat and the other one is dying...
  3. VZ57SSZ

    Can you replace a 885 LUX BCM with a 795 Hi?

    Hi The Body Control Module in my car has been playing up for some time now, Immobilizer wont allow the car to start some days, and other times you press the remote to lock it and then it then the locks go down and straight back up until you lock it with the key. So I was wondering I have...
  4. C

    Blinkers wont stop and security is nill

    heya all i have a problem that troubles me cause i cant drive my new toy my blinkers wont stop blinking and my door locks wont lock and it is killing me inside not to drive it cause someone help out cause im stumped could it be the security cause the doors wont lock while the blinkers are on...