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  1. ThatWhiteVS

    LWT 17x7.5 Alloy Wheels

    Hi all, I have one alloy wheel off a car I wrecked a while back. It is a LWT brand wheel in the size of 17x7.5. Just looking for more info or if someone wants it. cheers
  2. VRtoVStoVX

    Parts to remove/sell before selling car to scrap metal place

    I have a '01 VX Berlina which was listed as a write off by the insurance company due to damage to the front passenger side structure of the car, I think. The car still goes, but the engine's probably on its last legs since it's clocked over 400,000 km's. After I was slowly T-boned in the...
  3. S

    VT Calais Supercharged V6

    Hey all, I have a VT Calais Supercharged V6. Mechanically it is sound but the body has some rust and the interior is in fair condition given it's age. I have 2 questions: Is this motor sought after? Where would be the best place to find potential buyers? I need to have a NSW rego...
  4. V

    Interested in selling

    I'm thinking about selling my first car. It's a v6 VT commodore and I was wondering what people would pay for it.
  5. B

    Vz sv6 parts for sale

    Details removed.
  6. J

    Ecotecing VR help

    Hey all I'm am striping my VR auto and doing a full ecotec swap now I have the general idea on how to do it, I'm getting all the stuff before I start I have a VS statesman body Loom and the door looms still looking for a motor and a auto if anyone knows of one what else will I need and I...
  7. Z

    Shafted buy a VE SV6.. anybody selling..

    G'day, Looking for a good VE SV6 for 18-19k.. Must be imaculate inside and out.. No time waster like the the last guy... Thanks Brett... [email protected]
  8. W

    [NSW] (NSW) Holden Commodore VN

    ITEM: Up for sale is my first ever car, it is a Holden Commodore VN 1989 Series 1 3.8 V6. Engine has not been modified accept for a POD Filter Head-unit and Speakers are included with the sale (more info on request) Brand new tyres, weren't cheap and yes they make a difference on the price...
  9. D

    How much could I get for my car privately? Estimates?

    Hi, I was just wondering, if I sold my car privately, what could I hope to get for it? Here's the low down on what it is: 1996 Lexcen/VS Fully stock/No mods All tyres have good tread Brakes are perhaps a little over halfway gone Getting towards 180 000kms Has brand new: Timing belt...
  10. MovieDude

    Selling options

    If I wanted top dollar for my VE SS how should I sell it privately in the local paper, on ebay, by auction?
  11. D

    What to do with an old VL?

    Hey all I have an old commodore VL Berlina Station Wagon. It is in a pretty tatty state sunburnt etc. but the body is straight, a little rust around the windscreen but appears to be surface only, What I can see anyway. The question is what can I do with it? I tried to ring a tow away...