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  1. Wickham_1995

    O2 Sensor/Misfire Count OBD2 Advice

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody would be able to help me understand some information i logged tonight. This log was taken over 50 minutes, 50/50 town driving around 30-50km and highway run 100km. HSV E2 Senator 6.2l ls3 317kw 6sp Auto. I recently bought a bluedriver obd2 tool which had...
  2. Podja

    93 Senator cuts out, then runs perfect after 2mins

    Hi everyone, Ive got a 64 EH ute with a 93 VR Senator engine fitted. Has been running fine for years however everytime i drive it, it starts first turn, runs & idles fine. Then when i drive it she has a cough then stops all within the first 2 or 3 ks. It WILL NOT start again no matter how...
  3. Wickham_1995

    Ve Fuel pump failures

    Hello everyone, I know there are several threads on this but wanting to see if they're any updates or findings on it. I have bought a 2009 E2 senator signature September of 2017. A week after buying I had symptoms of a failing fuel pump; would start but idle rough and a die, cranking but no...
  4. C

    TH400 into 2006 VE senator

    I’m trying to fit a th400 gearbox into my 2006 VE Holden senator signature but because of the park/neutral safety switch the car won’t run. I’ve been told I have to bypass the switch to get the car going. Does anyone know how to do this? Or would anyone have a PCM Wiring diagram? Thanks
  5. J

    304 need help with turbo/superchargers

    Ok so iv got a 1995 vs senator (304) mostly stock and im thinking of going single/twin turbos maybe supercharger my goal is around 410hp i just need advice on what i should go and what price im looking at My brother has a vr v6 with a turbo but its all apart right now so he knows about that...
  6. C

    [VIC] WTB- HSV/Momo VP non airbag steering wheel

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: LOCATION: I'm based in Melbourne however I'll pay for transport from anywhere in Australia CONDITION: I'll look at all conditions CONTACT DETAILS:[email protected] or 0412 827 961 I hope someone has one out there and that you...
  7. K

    VR Self Leveling Suspension

    Hi I have a VR senator currently the self levelling system is disconnected. I have just fitted a new set of wheels which have 20x10's with 275's on the rear which is a snug fit. Now what I would like to know is before I look into a new suspension setup is how the levelling system works and pros...
  8. P

    VR SENATOR 215i stage 3 kit

    Hi all I am looking at getting a stage 3 shift kit out in my vr senator. Where can I go to get this done and roughly what am I looking at cost wise? I used to have a lh Torana with a b&m shifter on it and I want the same feeling in my senator so yeah want to know how I go about this and where to...
  9. Senator829

    Jaycar Speedo Corrector Kit Issue

    Just got my car back after having some electrical issues fixed but while they were at it had a jaycar kit installed as the car has a 3.47 diff in it. Whilst the speed is now correct ive noticed the needle is jumping intermittently by about 5km/h and was cancelling out the crusie control. The...
  10. trav740

    My E Series Senator

    Hi guys, just thought I'd post a few pics of my car!
  11. Brendo169

    [WA] '97 VS Senator 355 Stroker

    ITEM: 1997 VS II Senator 355 Stroker PRICE: $12,500 negotiable (now $10,490!) LOCATION: WA, north of the river YEAR: 1997 VS II Senator SERIES: VS II BADGE: Senator ENGINE: 355 Stroker TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Genesis Blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good INTERIOR CONDITION: Good WHEELS...
  12. pau13z

    [NSW] WTB - VZ Senator/Skaife Senator/LE GTO Coupe 19" HSV Wheels

    ITEM: Wheel(s) (I only really need 1) for a VZ HSV Senator (10 spoke). These were also the ones on the VZ Skaife Senator and the LE GTO Coupe. LOCATION: NSW, Sydney CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Delivered if possible, or I could pickup or...
  13. stockyvrcalais

    [VIC] 2008 HSV CLUBSPORT E Series MY09 R8


    need help!!!

    hello all i'm in need of some help i have a VY Senator and have done some work on my motor all done at home i fitted a comp cam 222/[email protected] 112lsa and springs .600 cai with k&n pod filter and a set of 20in rims and police brake pads and a cat back 2.5 all done with no help. now i need to know how...
  15. A


    hi everyone. i thought some one might be able to help with what type of injector i already have in my 5.7 l holden V8, VS senator. Also not sure about cc vs lb ratings? obviously metric and imperial but what matches the other?? i am thinking of putting a larger throttle body or changing...
  16. Brendo169

    Brendo's HSV Senator 355 Stroker

    Name - Brendan Model – VS II Senator Colour – Genesis Blue Body kit – Standard HSV kit Engine –355 Stroker built by Kwinana Performance Gearbox – Rebuilt 4spd with stage 2 kit and 3000 high stall Power – 205rwkw or 275rwhp Torque - 315ft/lb or 427nm 1/4 Mile Time - 14.665 @ 95.03mph...
  17. Josheh

    Senator Spoiler Questions

    Hey guys, Looking at buying one of these off ebay - HOLDEN VX SENATOR STYLE BOOT SPOILER BOBTAIL FIT VT-VX (eBay item 330522856002 end time 23-Feb-11 16:04:49 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats Just wondering a couple of questions 1. Will it use the bolts for my VX S Pac ? If not then I won't even...
  18. Raremetal

    [NSW] HSV Senator, looks **** house?

    Just saw this pull up outside work, and I personally think it looks like ****. Anyone else agree? And that's the nose of my VR poking out in the 3rd pic on the left hand side next to the motorbikes parking zone. :D
  19. `redoctober

    YOU help me mod my car! Tell me what I should do! [VE Senator Replica]

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on turning my little baby VE Calais into a full blown VE Senator replica, so far progress is good. HOWEVER, I'm looking for more ideas!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Current mods: - VE Senator Front (debadged - replaced...
  20. Disturbed_vegeta

    Genuine VR 185I Senator

    Model: 1994 VR 185i Senator Build number 307 Colour: Green with silver/gray inserts Bodykit: Standard Senator Engine Type: 5Ltr 185i Engine Mods: none Exhaust: Pacemaker extractors into twin lukey mufflers dumped at the diff Gearbox: 4l60 Diff: Standard LSD, 3.08 Gears Brakes: slotted...
  21. S

    VR SS Senator Grill?

    Just wondering can you get a vr/s senator or manta grill to fit the SS bar?
  22. LOKi_Crazy88

    VZ HSV Senator kit

    Hi peeps, I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a VZ HSV Senator full bodykit with the grill and 'fog' lights, I've been looking all over the net and can't seem to find anyone who makes them anywhere, dont need it painted or fitted, can do that myself, anyone have any suggestions...
  23. macca33

    Macca's VX Senator Signature

    G'day there all. I've been lost in the wilderness for the past 2 years, so I thought I'd post a thread about my car to signify my return. Name: Macca Age: Old Model: 2001 HSV VX Senator Signature (1 of 23 manual) Build no: 0172 km's travelled: over a ton. Colour: Shanghai Mica Bodykit...