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  1. E

    Cam, Crank, Belt?

    Hello Hello! It's about time I asked for help; My beloved VT is starting to get to me o_O The Car: VT-II V6 Auto, 200k on the clock, 2nd owner. The Symptoms: Rough Idle - Engine is generally quiet and smooth running, starts first time every time and runs a dream when it wants to. At Idle it...
  2. D

    Intermittent engine warning light with no codes

    Hi, after getting the aircon condenser replaced on my 2002 VU SS ute the engine warning light comes on intermittently for up to a few minutes. Doesn’t seem to affect the running but just wondering how to fix it? I’m assuming it’s a sensor issue of some sort around the radiator area?
  3. Wickham_1995

    O2 Sensor/Misfire Count OBD2 Advice

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody would be able to help me understand some information i logged tonight. This log was taken over 50 minutes, 50/50 town driving around 30-50km and highway run 100km. HSV E2 Senator 6.2l ls3 317kw 6sp Auto. I recently bought a bluedriver obd2 tool which had...
  4. E

    VE SS - Replaced post o2 sensor - engine light is still on

    I have a VE SS and engine light came on with a P2271 bank1 sensor 2, I replaced the O2 sensor on the driver side and cleared the engine code. Engine code came back on 2 days later with the same code. Could it be the catalytic converter?
  5. M

    Ve SS Oil level warning at idol

    So my utes oil level warning has been coming on when the car is idling and low revs But only once it’s warm. I was told it was the sensor and just changed it but still have the same problem anyone had this issue before?
  6. S

    Reverse Sensors not beeping after replacing head unit

    Had changed head unit from another aftermarket head unit to an alpine head unit. Unforunately everything was twist and taped instead of just using one of those conversions from supercheap so have had to manually wire everything to the new head unit. Previous to this the sensors worked and...
  7. onca

    YA oil pressure sensor question: Which one to buy?

    Hi Commodore Lovers, My VZ Failtec is getting the dreaded "check engine" error, my mates checker says it's the oil pressure sensor, now I'm getting intermittent "check oil" warnings even though oil level is good and no leaks, not running like a tractor, etc. (Don't worry I've been thru the...
  8. LucasG-SS

    2012 VE SS Infotainment Screen Doesn't go Bright and Stays Dimmed

    I have a 2012 SS Commodore and the Infotainment screen stays dimmed. During the day I cant see a thing! The screen is supposed to go bright when it is sunny, and dim when its night time, my screen stays on dimmed. It rarely goes bright, and hasn't gone bright for months now! I am not sure if...
  9. S

    Accelerator Pedal Sensor - needed URGENTLY

    My Accelerator Pedal Sensor is not working properly so need a replacement. Holden no longer makes them so need to find one elsewhere. I have a 2004 VZ 5.7 SS Holden Ute. Part number needs to match 92189343 for it to work in my car. Urgent help or leads to finding a replacement is greatly...
  10. B

    VY issue, v6.

    So, few weeks ago brought a 2002 VY. Had issue starting. Replaced coil packs and crank angle sensor. All was well, then it overheated. Changed the thermostat no issues. A few days later, driving over to the other side of city, and the car shuts off. Battery light flashes, check engine message...
  11. M

    Reversing Sensor for Manual Gearbox

    I'm having some trouble locating a new sensor for my manual SS. The issue i'm having is that the sensor was stuck on constantly which of course left the reversing camera on, along with the reversing lights and the annoying dinging noise. The mechanic disconnected the sensor but this particular...
  12. N

    VT Commodore horn switch not working

    So I've had a bit of a look around and I can't seem to fins a solution for this, so I'm just going to ask. Pressing on my steering wheel doesn't sound the horn. The horn used to work when you pressed in a certain spot, but that doesn't work anymore. I've tried removing the screws at the back...
  13. M

    How long untill engine light re-appears after being cleared

    Hello all iam only new to this so iam not sure if this question is in the right place. I own a 2006 VE Omega 3.6L Auto. Recently the check engine warning light came on so I went to a mechanic and got them to run a scan it gave me 2 error codes: P0056 Heater Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 2 and P0158...
  14. Yak

    error 43 - knock sensor

    sensor was fouled up with oil so gave it a good scrub but the light is still coming on i read somewhere that a knock sensor isnt essential and i could just get someone to burn off that part of the ecu any advice would be greatly appreciated, hate seeing that engine light thanks
  15. T

    Check engine & Stability warning..help!

    hey guys, I've got a 2010 series 2 VE Omega. Recently I've been getting a check engine and stability warning alert, yet this has only happened right after I wash my car. It lasts about 10 - 15 seconds then goes away. I don't relise any issues with the engine when the warning comes up...
  16. speed__demond

    304, code 13 oxy.. brand new oxy?

    hey I replaced my oxy in the vs 304 and still get code 13.. its pluged in properly and everything.. just wondering if anyone knows if its fused anywhere, or if theres a wire connection I should be checking if its loose somewhere?
  17. speed__demond

    water temp 304?

    okay, so my stock guage sits at 1/4 at full temp. that's all well and good, however... when I put my au thermos on I installed a top hose sensor to an aftermarket guage. it reads normal temps and slowly rises until it tops out at about 120C is that a bit high?? also could be hotter as the...
  18. Randymate

    Is this a sensor?

    Hey everyone, so i have bought a VY Series 2 S Pack, second hand obviously and i was going through the engine bay when i found a male connector disconnected and what looks to be a resistor stuck into the end of it with two prongs.. It is located at the air box which has a free female connector...
  19. J

    VE SSV ESP issue

    Hi all - first post for me, so thanks in advance for any help any of you can provide. I have a 2007 SSV sedan. Going round right hand corners at any speed that loads up the rear left suspension, at a certain point, I get a noise that at first I thought was the tire hitting the guard, but on...
  20. moocow

    very bad fuel economy

    hey guys c: my car is a 1995 vs berlina with a vt engine. I'd been noticing my fuel economy get worse and worse for a little while now. lately it has been really bad. a tank of fuel would be lucky to last me a week with light driving to work and back and the occasional other trip. a large...
  21. J

    Crank angle sensor???????

    Hello all I'm a new member I have just bought a VS V6 3.8 for the 1st week it ran perfect then one night driving home it just stalled doing 70km/h I pulled over and had trouble getting it started, after about 5 minutes it started so I started heading for home, over then next 30km's or so it...
  22. JSVSouth

    Effects of wrongly inflated tyres

    Hi guys, Recently I noticed my stock 3.8 auto had been absolutely guzzling the fuel. I checked the trip computer, and it was giving an average consumption of 21l/100km which is ridiculous, considering I never rev it over 3000rpm. After a couple days of grandpa driving, it went down to...
  23. M

    VE Commodore ABS + Traction control

    Hi all, just wanted to talk about my ABS and Traction Control on my 2006 VE Omega. I drive it about 160km per day to and from work, about 8-9 months ago I lost my traction control and ABS, the lights came on and the messages appeared when starting the car. I wasn't too bothered about paying...
  24. G

    urgent help needed changed speedo sensor now car wont start

    Hi Guys Changed speedo sensor on vp auto this morning and now car wont start, the starter motor just makes a clicking noise but wont turn over. all dash lights on ok. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks Glen
  25. nalchlan

    cam sensor..plug?

    hey guys im not sure where this little magnetic plug fits. it was originaly on the cam timing chain cog. and i did not mark which hole it came out of. where does it fit... its not in my POS manual either. the plug is in the pictures below cheers edit; i just placed it in my new double roller for...
  26. bmxbogan

    o2 sensor problem

    i have a 06 sv6 and i put pacmaker headers on a while ago and about a week after i got a check power train error finaly got around to buy a obd plug and got the error codes and they were two o2 sensor low voltage codes did a bit of searching around and realised that the cat pipes that i got with...
  27. V

    Heat sensor not working :(

    hey guys, just wondering where i can find the sensor that tells the car to turn the fan on when the temperature gets too high. VP commodore eecutive, series 2. Any photos would greatly be appreciated. thanks guys, vxseries1
  28. R

    VE gts rear bumper removal

    hi, my boss has a ve gts 307kw and one of the reverse parking sensors has fallin inside the bumper somehow. was wondering on how to either remove the bumper to get to the sensor, or if there is an easier way or something to fix it. any help would be great :beer chug:
  29. VK SL 3800

    Vk Vacuum sensor.

    Hi Just recently my VK with the EST ignition system has developed a bad ping under light throttle at low to medium revs, I'm guessing either the CAS or the Vacuum sensor on the fuse box would be at fault as it has only started doing this recently and only once at normal operating...
  30. JA2Z

    Help - VR Serious Problem - will be something simple

    Hi, I have a problem that has cropped up since changing a few things. It all began when I installed some Bosch Super6 injectors. I've Had my chip tuned my GreenFoam - (which may i add, is the single best mod i have done to my car!!) to suit all the mods i have, so tune issue is out...
  31. JA2Z

    Boosting up - Use 2 or 3 Bar MAP sensor??

    Hi Guys, I'm currently running a Blower with a pulley that only gives me about 2.5psi (which actually gives me only 1.5 psi Positive Boost because without the blower the Boost/Vac reading at full throttle under full load is 2 inches Hg below 0 and with the blower on, it pushes the reading up...
  32. JA2Z

    [Buick] Boosting up - 2 or 3 Bar MAP sensor

    Hi Guys, I'm currently running a Blower with a pulley that only gives me about 2.5psi (which actually gives me only 1.5 psi Positive Boost because without the blower the Boost/Vac reading at full throttle under full load is 2 inches Hg below 0 and with the blower on, it pushes the reading up...
  33. I

    harmonic balancer and crank angle sensor for vp s2 (same as s1?)

    hey i was just wondering if the harmonic balancer and the crank angle sensor are the same on the vp series 1 and the vp series 2. i have a vp sitting around that needs these peices and i have a mate wrecking a vp who has those peices but off a series one. if i was to grab the harmonic ballancer...
  34. M

    Vr running like [email protected],CAS?

    Missus ran the vr dry the other day, towed it home and put fuel in her and she wouldnt start. Fuel pump etc, works, it started again this morning, idled really rough then died, now wont start again. Checked the error codes and got 46 (Crank Angle Sensor), I then checked the fuses, restarted and...
  35. E

    Engine Bay Diagram for SL/E 4.2 V8???

    Hi Has anyone got a diagram for this engine bay? Just doing a bit of work changing the thermostat and want to check the temp sensor and stuff but have no idea where to look. (I know i sound a bit dumb with my posts but all my cars over the last 10 years have been new, and therefore havent...