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series 2

  1. N

    VE SV6 commodore help

    Hello! I’m wondering if anyone’s able to tell me what my possible issue might be on me 2011 VE SV6 commodore s2. I’d say maybe a day or two ago whilst trying to start my car I noticed that it struggled to start. It would rev up like usual but then instantly drop super low revs. Almost like it...
  2. S

    HELP hsp hard lid hinge!!

    Gday there, Just bought a hsp hard lid second hand from a crash repair shop that had accidentally bought the wrong lid. It did not come with any hinges or equipment to assemble the lid. Just the lid and locks. It looks to me as a VE HSP twin hump hard lid with twin manual locks. I found some...
  3. T

    2011 omega series 2

    Just wondering if there are any spoilers I can put on my car just because I think it looks a bit bland at the back, also if there is a rear diffuser that would fit the back also
  4. N

    Vy Calais issues

    Hi my daughter has just purchased her first car it is a vy series 2 Calais. Initially it had srs airbag fault showing on dash but not it’s saying check engine and abs fault as well. It did have 20” rims on it but we change them to 17”. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.
  5. B

    VX series 1 or series 2

    I’m just wondering how to tell what series VX Berlina I have, as I can’t find a definitive answer online. I want to upgrade the exhaust to a Catback with hotdogs and from what I can find online the series 1 only has one cat near the floor pan and the series 2 has two cats.? All the Catback pipes...
  6. Ta Moo

    Need HELP,!!!! Spark plug change over problem.

    This is the story. Went to shop and buy a spark plug of 6 (NGK BPR6EFS-15) for Holden Commodore VY V6 2003 series II. Not because old spark plug are bad. Just want to change to a new set. Drive back home. Put the new spark plug in and in all of them. Car on "Wish me a Luck". It make a surge...
  7. S

    VE Kayhan Series 2 unit with Dual zone into a series 1

    Hey guys, So I've recently picked up a 08 VE Commodore with 130ks on the clock for a fairly good price. I downgraded from my VF2 Wagon so we could get one of the new Acadias which are on run out! I miss the Tech and Dual Zone Climate Control from my VF so have been exploring options to add...
  8. A

    VF SSV 2016 installing an active Subwoofer too a non Bose system (not a redline)

    I have an active sub I’m trying too fit too a (VF Ssv 2016 non Bose factory sound system) and I can’t find any help anywhere on here, it has the factory amp for the two parcel shelf subwoofers which only has two plug connectors on it unlike the redlines which have three. Any help would be...
  9. pbsmick

    Clunking noise when reversing.

    I have a VF Series 2 Calais V V6 Sedan. Whenever I reverse from park I hear a "clunking" noise. It sounds like if a "bar" or something is loose. I hear it more if I'm parked on angle and reversing up. I've taken it to Holden under warranty and they said it was the front bake calipers? They...
  10. K

    VZ having a bad hair day

    I recently brought a second hand vz ute. There were no issues with it initially. Only about a day or two ago, i noticed what looked like clumps of hair extensions just hanging out of the exhaust pipe. I keep pulling the crap out whenever I see it because its embarrassing. The car isn't stock...
  11. J

    How to turn off pursuit/night mode in my 2011 VE series 2 SS Sportswagon ex VIC cop car

    I have recently pulled the battery out of my VE Series 2 2011 SS Sportswagon to charge and when I have reconnected the radio display and instrument lights, fuel gauge, temp gauge and tacho are no longer working. Speedo still works however and the display on radio flashes on for a second upon...
  12. Shayluuuh

    2011 VE Series 2 SV6 Sportwagon Shuddering

    Hi guys, have owned this wagon for 5 months now and haven't had this issue before. Just took it on an hour and a half - 2 hour drive this morning, and no problems. Got home, went inside for about half an hour before jumping back in the car. As soon as I turned it back on, instantly started...
  13. G

    VX loses power running on petrol, fine on gas

    picked up my Grans VX a couple of weeks ago, done 55000km dual fuel and in overall great condition. Has been running well the last few weeks on gas and petrol, but the last few days running on petrol, it’s suddenly lost power, engine was still running but wouldn’t rev over 2500 and had to pull...
  14. L

    VE series 2 cluster wiring help

    Hi all, im just putting in an aftermarket tacho/rpm meter in and wondering what wire I take from the dash for the gauge. There's 13 wires that come into the dash cluster. TIA VE SERIES 2 2012 SV6 UTE. Couldn't find a diagram online
  15. W

    Modified series 1 ss vs near stock series 2 ss

    Hey guys, first time poster here! Just wondering if you guys could give me some advice... I'm looking at upgrading to a VE SS ute... But I'm debating whether I should go for series 1 as with engine work already done (320-350kw @wheels) or a near stock series 2 SS with maybe an exhaust and otr...
  16. A


    My auto 2010 Ve series 2 wagon has been playing up. Going up hills it splutters and loses some power, like its got no guts. I have to manually change gears to get up them. Engine light did come on once amd then went off, I have hooked it up to a sensor tool and its throwing no codes. Ive got no...
  17. V

    Need advise on modifying a SV6 2012 SERIES 2

    Whats the best OTR and exhaust system for a VE SV6 2012 SERIES 2 and average prices included fitting. Also would it be better to get a 3 inch custom build downpipe made from the headers to cats quoted for $1000 instead of a full dpe 2.5 exhaust system quoted at $2500.
  18. Nicholas Inzitari

    VE OTR Air intake, Tune and extractors.

    Hey guys I am trying to get my VE SS series 2 to sound good so far iv had a 3inch xforce catback exhaust installed but Didn’t get new extractors tomorrow I’m getting an over radiator intake and tune done would like to know if this helps with the sound. Or should I look and getting extractors...
  19. S

    What fits VS Series 2 indicator stalk with cruise

    Having a BIT!!! of trouble sourcing an indicator stalk for a Series 2 VS Equippe . Would any one have any idea if any other will fit. Apparently they are different to the Series 1. It is just the connectors or are they totally different? If so, does any body know who the engineer was so I can...
  20. D

    Knocking Right side of Engine

    Hey Noticed Yesterday After Accelerating Was a slight knocking sound on Driver side in the engine bay sounds like upper engine. Engine doesn't make they Noise under load only when coming down and making and whoosh sound when you put your foot on accelerator sounds like its coming from air intake...
  21. B

    VE II Aircon only blowing at feet (HELP)

    Hi guys So a week or so ago, completely out of the blue my air-con decided that it will now only blow air out from the foot-well and rear passenger vents. I can basically feel my wallet getting significantly lighter at the thought of taking it to the mechanics to get fixed so i'm looking into...
  22. snuglez

    Series 1 & 2 exhaust

    Just wondering if series 1 and 2 exhausts are the same as i replaced my series 2 exhaust with a series 1 today and realised the resonators are a little different. Later on the engine light came on im guessing maybe because the exhaust was maybe sitting for a little and the o2 sensors have been...
  23. H

    Engine Knock, Connection Rod, What are my options? SV6 SII SIDI

    In the last week or so I noticed a rattle on acceleration. Booked it in for a service and a check and the mechanic said it was a "Con rod issue", which I'm assuming means connection rod. He said the engine is on it's way out and it would require a rebuild to fix that issue. At this stage what...
  24. B

    1998 VS Statesman Ignition Barrel Same as VT-VX????

    HI Guys I was just wondering does anyone know if the VS series 2 statesmans had the same Ignition Barrel as the VT to VX commodores? I thought being a statesman and a series two they probably would... Any information would be appreciated
  25. W

    Series 1 or 2 SV6?

    Hi guys, I am looking at upgrading my VU ute to a VE SV6 sedan, not looking for an SS. I can't pick between the series 1 (MY9.5 SIDI at a minimum) or the series 2 with a manual. From the exterior, the series 2 does look that little bit nicer and it's leaps and bounds ahead on the...
  26. K

    ve sv6 series 2 gps navigation system

    Hi there guys I have a ve sv6 series 2 my head unit has the buttons for the gps but said is not installed is there any way I can add the components and make it work? any help would be much appreciated
  27. W

    VE SV6 Sportswagon Rear Windscreen Wiper Problem

    G'day, I have a VE Series II SV6 Sportswagon. When i turn my rear wiper off after clearing the rear windscreen, it swipes down to the bottom of the windscreen and then swipes up a couple of inches and stops. The next time i open my tailgate the rear windscreen wiper does a full cycle of...
  28. B

    VS s2 trans cooling

    hey all have a series 2 vs with the screw in transmission cooling lines into the radiator have just noticed that the previous owner has cross threaded the new radiator what are the Pro's and Con's on bypassing radiator and installing a trans cooler unit (after market)
  29. S

    How much do VY Calais' usually go for?

    There is a specific one near me which is going for 7.3K and has 200k on the clock, immaculate condition without major issues. Stock from the comments and what I can see, almost looks brand new. This is a Calais Series 2 V6 so a P Plater can drive it, which obviously goes my way since this will...
  30. N

    Buying CV8???!

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying a 2003 series 2 CV8 manual. I have searched through the forum and only found my question relating to VY commodores. I just wanted to know what are the big things to check on S2 monaros? It is priced at $17,990 with 126,000km on the dial. It's stock standard with...
  31. M

    My 04 vy Acclaim s2 wagon

    Stage 2 shift kit Mace cai Redback 2.5 catback no rear resi 17" vt senator wheels ( which i painted black ) Remote start Automatic windows up on deadlock SS headlights with switch back led strips Altezza tail lights Indicators behind side mirrors Custom grill Chrome tailgate garnish...
  32. D

    Series 1 engine wiring loom, series 2 engine wiring loom

    Hi all and apologies if this has already been posted, i recently removed a motor form a series 1, 97 VT commodore and put it into a series 2, 99 VT commodore, and upon trying to start it i get no click at my starter relay. i know that the wiring looms are different from a series 1 to a series...
  33. Loosekid187

    Vn series 1 to Series 2 3800

    Gday! this is my first post, i come to this forums alot for help over the years. my question is, the top of the engine where the injectors and throttle body connect to (the part with the 3800 written on it), is that changeable between the S1 and S2? say S2 block with S1 head (i have had a...
  34. A

    New kid on the block

    hey everyone i was just wondering if someone can give me some information about my car i just about three weeks ago its a 11 series Holden Calais. I've try to look it up on Google or wiki but all i get is either nothing to car sales guide. if someone can show the the original rims that...
  35. sIIVY_tommy

    My Red Hot SV6 Z Series

    Name: Tommy Model: SV6 Type: Ute Year: 2013 MY13 Colour: Red Hot Bodykit: Standard SV6 Engine Type: LFX 3.6 L SIDI V6 Engine Mods: Stock Power: 210 KW Exhaust: Stock (ATM!) Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual Brakes: Standard Suspension: FE2 Factory...
  36. jaybeez95

    my Omega S2 Ex-Copcar

    I've been a member for a little while now and havn't posted any pics of my ride :) so I thought I better put it on here :). I bought it back in March at the QFleet Police Auction for $15500, which I thought was a pretty good deal. I'm only 17 and still go to school so it serves the purpose well...
  37. salute the ute

    [VE] Usb, aux cable in front compartment on a series ii

    I was sick and tried of having to go through my center console to get to my USB to play music. I figured out a way to move it and i thought i'd put it up for anyone else who wants to do it as well. NOTE: At the bottom of the thread there is an updated or other way you can move the usb to the...
  38. Hazard-ous

    [QLD] VE series II 18" alloy wheels with yokohama tyres

    ITEM: 1 set of (4) series II VE 18" alloy wheels with yokohama tyres LOCATION: Gladstone, Queensland CONDITION: used - near new PRICE: $900 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up or may consider sending via courier but the buyer is to source, arrange and pay (this includes additional...
  39. aussie4life11

    [WA] Wrecking 95 VR series 2 exec

    ITEM: Wrecking 95 VR series 2 exec PRICE: Listed with items below LOCATION: Mid-west WA DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or post at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or paypal CONTACT DETAILS: Email at [email protected] or PM me OTHER INFO: item...