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series ii

  1. S

    VE Kayhan Series 2 unit with Dual zone into a series 1

    Hey guys, So I've recently picked up a 08 VE Commodore with 130ks on the clock for a fairly good price. I downgraded from my VF2 Wagon so we could get one of the new Acadias which are on run out! I miss the Tech and Dual Zone Climate Control from my VF so have been exploring options to add...
  2. S

    3.0L SIDI Twin Turbo

    Does anyone know of, or has anyone seen a 3.0l sidi omega turbocharged?
  3. some_evil

    Emissions Light - Captiva 2013 Series II Diesel

    Hey all, I have the Holden Captiva Series II Diesel and over the past month i have had the DPF emissions light turn on (seemingly random) and beep, the light will stay on for anywhere between 10min - 2hr. Every 15 min or so the beeps will repeat, but the light stays solid. After a seemingly...
  4. Major Herbie

    Series II Updates for the IQ

    Has anyone got the new update for their car's head unit? I live in a crap area, almost 300kms away from the city. I've called one of my local dealers to get it done and they want to charge me to do it... It should be bloody free, I'm calling the other Holden dealer on Monday to see what...
  5. salute the ute

    [VE] Usb, aux cable in front compartment on a series ii

    I was sick and tried of having to go through my center console to get to my USB to play music. I figured out a way to move it and i thought i'd put it up for anyone else who wants to do it as well. NOTE: At the bottom of the thread there is an updated or other way you can move the usb to the...
  6. Hazard-ous

    [QLD] VE series II 18" alloy wheels with yokohama tyres

    ITEM: 1 set of (4) series II VE 18" alloy wheels with yokohama tyres LOCATION: Gladstone, Queensland CONDITION: used - near new PRICE: $900 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up or may consider sending via courier but the buyer is to source, arrange and pay (this includes additional...
  7. S

    Decal Ideas for SSV Redline Sportwagon - Series II

    Has anybody designed a decal for the sides of the sportwagon and is willing to share it with us. We did an extensive google search for decal ideas and most / all were designed to suit either sedans and utes. We have spoken to few decal suppliers and they all say the same: "Can you send us...