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  1. E

    Drive belts - Recommendations?

    My tensioner is looking like this atm —— < (Triangle) —— —— —— I got a new Repco belt done about about 15,000km ago. Seems a bit short lived to me. Wanting to find a more long lived belt, Hoping it’s not the tensioner being stiff.
  2. A

    VE has noisy idler pulley

    My VE has got a very noisy idler pulley. At first I thought it was that tensioner pulley so I change that. While the belt was off I felt the water pump a bit loose and noisy so I change that. The fan belt is still quite new and it's been sprayed with WD-40 belt conditioner but the noise will...
  3. djdomohudson

    Serpentine Belt

    OK look at the picture for me... So this belt is little over three months old and already looks like this. Is it a shabby belt or do you reckon it's clipping against something causing it to fray like that? I'm not happy about it and new belts aren't exactly cheap as chips. Any ideas...
  4. O

    I think I'm pretty lucky...

    So I'd been having trouble with my serp belt, specifically that the idler pulley mount wasn't sitting properly (Fixed now). Anyway, took the car for a wash and it must of thrown the belt, which I didn't realise at the time (should of considering there was no power steering and my electrics were...
  5. C

    How many KMs 'tween serpetine belt changes?

    Hi from Dubai, Seems like this should be easy to find, but I'm struggling to find the GM-recommended distance between serpentine belt changes on the LS1 engine. (I've a 2004 Lumina SS.) Big thanks from the land of sand (and too many speed cameras).
  6. V

    [VR-VS] HOW TO: change a serpentine belt (vs)

    The serpentine belt is the main belt on the front of the engine which runs around a set of pulleys. Its actually very simple to change despite how complicated it can look. I did this on a vs ecotec not sure if its the exact same with other models (vn, vp vr, vt). What you need: -...
  7. B

    [308] Serpentine belt setup for a Holden 308

    Has anyone ever seen a sepentine belt setup available for a Holden 308 engine with VN heads? It's naturally aspirated at the moment, however I am going to side mount supercharge in the future. Thanks.
  8. L

    Serpentine Belt Disintegrating

    Just had heads on VT done up & replaced them ourselves. Engine is running fine, but car has shredded two serpentine belts in quick succession (original & then new replacement). The belt is disintegrating longitudinally and there is a strange mark along the back of the whole belt where it is...