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service manual

  1. M

    Log Book..............?

    Hi when i bought my Vy i didnt get the logbook along with the car, Went to holden to ask if i could get a new one they said no i cant.. i would really love to have one as wanna know at how many Ks what needs to be replaced and fixed . Would aslo appericate if any one could scan those...
  2. R

    service manual for commodores 2008??

    how can i get the service manual for commodores 2008 i found very very difficult to get it :hmmm: we must all do maintenance by our hands :)
  3. N

    Service manual VZ

    Hi every one, Could you please let me know where can I download a free copy of a service/repair manual for a VZ commodore if possible. Thank you much appriciated.