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  1. M

    Servicing Enquires

    Hey guys i just purchased a 2009 VE sv6 and id like to service the vehicle I have experience servicing car my previous cars ive owned, but what im mostly concerned about is the service light that comes on when i start my car. So what my question is, if i service the car does the light disappear...
  2. F

    Replacing Brake pads

    Hi, was just wondering what type of brake pads I need for a Vy commodore
  3. sIIVY_tommy

    3 years "free" servicing?!

    g'day all! was able to grab a new ute last month with holden 3 years "free" servicing, i believe its the same aspect as capped price servicing but apparently its free... the dealer didnt explain much about it i was hoping someone on here could shed some light on what entailed with this...
  4. N

    VT Servicing/Tuning

    I am not a mechanic. Infact, I am the opposite, a computer tech. I drive a VT 2000 Olympic Edition Commodore, and as far as I am aware, it's basically a Berlina. I've got some free time coming up on a weekend soon, and my car was serviced about 9,000kms ago, so it's round about due for a...
  5. S

    How important is getting your car serviced?

    I am the proud(ish) owner of a 2000 vx berlina 3.8. I am also impressively broke and currently unemployed. would missing the 120,000km service be that important? the car in question is three months overdue timewise but is currently sitting on about 113k. how likely is it that my engine will...