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  1. Connor Newman

    Sv6 series 2 (lpg)

    Hey guys just question about exhuast set up for ve sv6 series 2 lpg My partner picked up a hazard series 2 ve running on lpg and only has a single exhuast on one side the diffuser only has the one cut on that side for exhuast tip Was wondering if anyone has set up a dual exhuast system on...
  2. H

    How to Correctly Set Amplifier Gains

    I thought it best to give people a quick run down on setting amplifier gains for your car audio system. I have been installing and configuring car audio for years so i thought i'd share with you all how to do this, with the help of a portable Oscilloscope. This guide does not go into details of...
  3. vr.calais

    Super Charging A Stock VR V6

    Just wondering what goes on with Supercharging a V6, and how much work would need to be done to the engine to make it a relaible setup... and the potential costs behind doing it... inc labour!