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  1. MiKExAUS

    Faulty drive axle/shaft

    Hi guys, Recently I replaced both drive axles with aftermarket (GSP). The original one's had 191k kms on them and were a bit loose... After 60km of driving (not 60,000) one of these new ones (or both) have started to click/clunk... Has anyone had a similar experience? I just think it is an...
  2. P

    2000 VS 304 ute Uni and Centre tail shaft bearing replacement

    Hey Was wondering if any can help me as all mechanics i have called aren't 100%. my ute is a 304, getrag 5 speed and i want to tighten up the drive train as it subtle clunk back and fourth when driving slow in traffic and a vibration type noise kind of like a winding a boat onto a trailer...
  3. VK SL 3800

    VP rack into Vk issue

    Putting VP k-frame into Vk including VP rack, how do you connect the rack up? i have a VL p/s intermediate shaft but the rack end is splined and the VP end is square, anyone know how you get around this problem? Or im i off to the engineers to get a custom end made. Thanks